Wendy Roche

Wendy Roche

  • Artist’s Statement

    Wendy Roche is an Australian Impressionist photographer who was born and raised on the Darling Downs. She uses in-camera techniques to produce images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood. Her images, often intertwined with human form, incorporate the use of movement, colour and light to mesmerize, move and magnetize the viewer. Her mystic images haunt as well as inspire.

    As a Registered Nurse Wendy has a deep understanding the power of healing through art. Her works often depict a place of hope, a favourite refuge or a meditative land. Her style is powerful, sensual and natural. Through her lens we are allowed to be more human, more in touch with nature, more alert to the possibilities of life, love and living.

    Wendy is represented in by Feather & Lawry Gallery in Toowoomba where she has more work currently hanging.

  • Biography

    Wendy has been exhibiting her work for the last 10 years. Her images hang in homes in Australia, China and America. Solo and group exhibitions have been in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney and Hong Kong. Wendy has taught Impressionist photography techniques in Australia and New Zealand. She was a Keynote speaker at the annual Australian Photographic Society Conference in 2016 and since then has presented at camera club meets. She is also a mentor for the Australian Photographic Society’s Conceptual Arts program.

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Wendy Roche

Agapanthus #6
59.4 x 84.1cm Photography $1,325.00

Wendy Roche

Ashford Castle - Ireland 2019
59.4 x 84.1cm Photography $1,250.00

Wendy Roche

Louboutin Vs The Masters
42 x 59.4cm Photography $950.00