Victor De Nola

Victor De Nola

  • Artist’s Statement

    I'm selective with what l paint.... the subject must grab me... inspire me... with my portraits; my focal point are the eyes.... the portrait must convey the spirit & essence of my subject ....allow the eyes to tell their story.

  • Biography

    Born & raised in Melbourne... studied Art & Design for 4 yrs.... 2 yrs at Preston Tafe followed by 2 yrs at Deakin Uni in Warrnambool, Victoria.... Artistically inactive for 28 yrs till 2014.... did a series of Character portraits predominately.... recently picked up my Briushes again & I'm enjoying the process of creating Landscapes & Portraits.

  • Influences

    Robert Hannaford

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Victor De Nola

Missy Mischievous
40.5 x 30.5 x 0.5 cm Oil on Gesso Board $790.00