Trev Fielding

Trev Fielding

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have always taken the ability to draw a picture for granted. Even as a child, I was able to turn my thoughts into a picture and was surprised to discover, when I started school, that not everyone could.I did go to art classes at Brisbane art college and high school, mainly to avoid geography,but didn't take art too seriously.
    After leaving school, I became a jeweller and funnelled my creativity into precious metals and became very good at producing miniature works of art (jewellery)
    eventually specialising in the restoration and production of the classic styles i.e. victorian,edwardian ,art deco and art nuevo.
    after many years of working in metal s and more recently in glass, I have found the medium of pastel as something that gives me a greater degree of control of my work, enabling more definition and control with my work. So far my art has been devoted to animals and birds, "doing things" like squabbling over food, hunting fruit in the forest or about to take flight. I try to capture a moment, the sun striking the iridescent wing of a bird for example. Just a glimpse and it's gone . I am only beginning my journey with pastel art, can't wait to see where it ends up.

  • Biography

    "Trev" Fielding, born and raised in Brisbane. He moved to Toowoomba in 1970 and has lived and worked there ever since. Became a jeweller at age 16 and worked with metals for the majority of his life. He has been a drummer, musician and occasional painter, working in acrylics and oil pastel. More recently he has become proficient in the production of glass art. Three years ago he attended a tutorial conducted by a local artist and found a medium that gives control and definition especially with regard to colour and shading in his works.

  • Influences

    Jason Morgan
    Natalie Jane Parker

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Trev Fielding

Riflebird _ A Living Prism
30 x 24 x 1 cm Framed: 45 x 33 x 2 cm pan pastel, pastel sticks and pastel pencils on pastelmat $420.00