Tracy Kennedy-Shanks

Tracy Kennedy-Shanks

  • Artist’s Statement

    I love that creating fills my brain so there is no room for the other noise.  I have been casually painting for a decade and started my artistic journey at Murphys Creek Arts Centre near Toowoomba.  Initially  my watercolour was more colour, than water but it took on a life of its own.   Watercolour is a quick and unpredictable medium that might be a reflection of my attention span.  I am inspired by places and things I have seen on my travels and I make and effort to stop and observe my surrounds.

  • Biography

    I grew up in Toowoomba and  I took art as a subject in school  just for a 'bludge'. Thirty years later  I was looking for a creative outlet and I picked up a paint brush at the Murphys Creek Art Centre.  I found my tribe  and it ignited the enthusiasm so the talent could develop. Watercolour seems to fit my style and I hope others get the same fun out of my work that I do.

  • Influences

    The people around me are my greatest influence. They support and encourage me when my art is looking good and are entertained when I stuff up.

  • Awards

    1st prize 60th Bowen Art Exhibition "Sally Abbott Memorial Award"
    "Beach Girl" A1 watercolour

  • Exhibitions

    2022 Foothills Festival Lockyer Valley.  2021  60th Bowen Art Exhibition
    First prize "Sally Abbott Memorial Reward"  “Beach Girl” A1 watercolour,  “Elsie” A3 watercolour
    2021 Archibald EntryWatercolour “Tanya Milligan” A3

    2020 Toowoomba Royal Show “Reflections” A3

    2019 Fairholme Art Exhibition “Fading Light” A3

    2018 / 2019 Lockyer Valley Regional Gallery Exhibition, group exhibition with 'Creekers Art Crew'
    2018 Downlands Toowoomba Annual Art Exhibition

    2017 Foothills festival
    2014 Murphys Creek Arts Centre Group Exhibition

    2013 Murphys Creek Arts Centre Group Exhibition

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Tracy Kennedy-Shanks

34 x 52 cm Framed: 50 x 68 x 2cm Watercolour on Paper $500.00

Tracy Kennedy-Shanks

Blue Door
40 x 28 cm Framed: 66 x 44.5 x 3cm Water colour $400.00