Tarn McLean

Tarn McLean

  • Artist’s Statement

    Tarn’s practice is concerned with painterly properties at their most fundamental level including pigment, colour, shape, line, form and perspective. In particular how painting is perceived by the viewer in a visually saturated culture.

  • Biography

    Tarn McLean has a PhD (Visual Art) and is an artist and designer, living in Toowoomba, Queensland. Tarn exhibits mainly in group shows both nationally and internationally and has a painting and design practice with a focus on non-objective painting as well as textile and spatial design. Tarn is currently studying Architecture as way to expand her aesthetic enquiry from the two dimensions to three and lectures Painting and Drawing at the University of Southern Queensland.

  • Influences

    The paintings are representative of what McLean considers as ‘departure points’ for other works that sit physically and conceptually within and beyond the frame. These works, including her Monochrome paintings, shaped canvases, textile design and wall paintings, as well as her Seeing Painting series, link directly with painterly possibilities in fashion and product design as well as architecture.

  • Awards

    2016 - 2013 Australian Post Graduate Award - Australian Government funding for Higher Research
    2014 – Danish Arts Council, Statens Kunstrad, Artist Run, Copenhagen
    2014 – ARTS QUEENSLAND Projects and Programs Funding, RAYGUN
    2013 – ARTS QUEENSLAND Projects and Programs Funding, RAYGUN
    2013 – Real Time Your Time public video installation, Artslink Queensland Public Art Initiative,

  • Exhibitions

    2021 – Tarn McLean REFLEX Projects Sydney, Satellite Event, Mt Tomah, Sydney
    2017 – Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba, Australia
    2016 – MONOPUNK MULTICHROME University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia 2009 – Colour Light Space, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia
    2021 – COVIMETRY, Ely Centre of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT, USA
    2021 – outLAND Jude Roberts and Tarn McLean, Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba.
    2020 - The Colour B: Beyond the Colour A, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin (Postponed, COVID).
    2019 - Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction, Block Projects Gallery, Melbourne
    2019 – The Big Circle, M17 Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
    2019 – NEW MODERN, Reductive Non-Objective Project, Five Walls Melbourne
    2019 – ‘abstraction, we thinks’ MONO PRACTICE, Baltimore, USA
    2018 - RNOP Queensland, RAYGUN Projects and University of Southern Queensland, Australia
    2018 - INFINITE WORLDS INFINITE PROBABILITIES University of Southern Queensland, Australia
    2018 - BETON 7 Arts + IS Projects, Athens, Greece
    2016 - ALEXANDRA LAWSON GALLERY Launch, Toowoomba, Australia
    2016 - Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artist Award, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia
    2016 - USQ Graduart, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia
    2015 – Colours and Lines Don’t Lie Group Show Works on Paper, Modern Art Projects, Faulconbridge, NSW.
    2015 – Collide Group Show Works on Paper, Cairns, Queensland.
    2014 – un-bound-ed, Curated by Brent Hallard, Bay Area, San Francisco
    2014 – Exchange with NLH, Giving Loving Sharing, Copenhagen
    2014 – For the Hustle, No Comply, Toowoomba
    2014 – Superfluidity, University of Southern Queensland
    2013 – Queensland College of Art, Down the Rabbit Hole, Brisbane
    2013 –Tarn McLean and Alexandra Lawson, NLH Space Copenhagen, Denmark
    2013 – Animating Spaces Toowoomba, Real Time Your Time. CBD, Toowoomba
    2013 – Queensland Regional Art Award Travelling exhibition, Queensland
    2013 – Imagine You Know Toowoomba Regional Council Travelling exhibition, Queensland
    2012 – Imagine You Know, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
    2012 – LIMINAL, Curated by Ashleigh Bunter, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE, Sydney, Australia
    2011 – Interscapes, Curated by Ashleigh Bunter, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, Australia
    2010 – Graduart, University of Southern Queensland
    2010 – NEW INTERNATIONAL, Curated by Kyle Jenkins, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE, Sydney
    2010 – ANTHONY FARRELL AND TARN MCLEAN, Attic Art Space, Toowoomba
    2009 – Australia Wide Printmaking Portfolio
    2009 – Group Show curated by Kyle Jenkins, SYDNEY NON-OBJECTIVE
    2008 – Graduart, University of Southern Queensland

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Tarn McLean

Colour Series (Red + Orange #2) 2021
30 x 30 x 2.5cm House Paint and Pigment on Board $275.00

Tarn McLean

Colour Series (Red + Red #2) 2021
30 x 30 x 2.5cm House Paint and Pigment on Board $275.00