Sue Hanson

Sue Hanson

  • Artist’s Statement

    Sue produced her beautiful thin-section photos while working in the geology lab and while she she used smaller sized images for her work, including her Honours thesis, she also had the images printed on A4 photographic paper. Sue's original Australian Mineral Series photos featured twelve images which have been exhibited as large scale (100cm x 76cm) canvases as well as on tile and timber. In this instance Sue's images are presented as 5' x 7' photographic images in glass or perspex blocks.

    Sue wrote a description of the rock ‘thin section’ process:
    After cutting and roughly trimming with a diamond tipped saw the rock is slowly cut, ground and then polished to a thickness of 0.03mm (30µm). Using resin to hold this incredibly thin slice of rock onto a glass slide the constituent minerals are now ready to be viewed under a polarising microscope. The diagnostic colors produced by projecting various wavelengths of light through the rock sliver, in conjunction with mineral shape and its association with other minerals are used to determine the mineral type. The diagnostic colors and shape of the mineral can also tell the experienced petrologist the approximate chemical composition of the mineral.

  • Biography

    Sue worked as a geologist (petrologist) after completing her Bachelor of Science degree at the D.D.I.A.E. (now USQ) followed by Honours at Monash University. While working in the lab Sue was fascinated by the stunning colours, shapes , patterns and forms that rock and mineral samples displayed under the microscope, revealing a unique abstract work of art. They show an unusual and unique view of the landscape that few people would ordinarily get to see.

    Sue believed that others would appreciate the magnificent view in the same way, and she wanted to find a wider audience for her artwork. Tragically Sue passed away suddenly in 2007, not having had a chance to share her extraordinary photos. It didn’t seem right for Sue’s works to remain out of sight, and Sue's sister Di has exhibited the images and incorporated them into her own artworks and products.

  • Influences

    Sue's main influence was clearly the rocks and minerals she worked with in the geology lab. She saw the colours, patterns and shapes as complex abstract works of art and spent hours searching for the right aspect under the microscope.

  • Awards

    Art Buzz 2009 Series 1 photographs awarded Second Place for Enhanced Photography
    Hampton Art Festival 2009, Highly Commended
    Deakin University's Verandah Literary Journal cover artwork 2009

  • Exhibitions

    MyArt Gallery, Toowoomba 2008
    Art Moment Gallery - Bondi Beach, Sydney 2008
    Art Sydney, Moore Park, Sydney 2008
    National Gem and Mineral Show - Horsham, Victoria 2009
    Roma St Parklands Traffic Signal Box - public art installation
    Downlands Art Show 2010
    Gourmet at Gundy, Goondiwindi 2010
    Rawspace Galleries, South Brisbane 2016
    Mr Henderson, Sandgate 2017

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Sue Hanson

15 x 20 x 3 cm Photographic print in perspex $85.00

Sue Hanson

Blue Haze
14 x 18 x 62 cm Photographic print in glass block $85.00

Sue Hanson

15 x 20 x 3 cm Photographic print in perspex block $85.00