Simon Cuthbert

Simon Cuthbert

  • Artist’s Statement

    The architecture of waiting

    A good deal of life is spent waiting; for an egg or kettle to boil, the bus or international flight to arrive, we wait on exam results and blood tests or a judicial sentence to be handed down. For every complexion in life there is a waiting.

    Sometimes we wait for death.

    For the dying it maybe peaceful, protracted, sudden or mysterious. For those supporting the dying time and space shift in the presence of impending death. Many of the images in this series were made while my mother life ebbed, those strange moments at lifes end. As such they are lower case revelations in which a unifying theme may be faith, belief, hope or simply the architecture of waiting.

    Simon Cuthbert
    July 2017

  • Biography

    Simon Cuthbert makes photographs that reverberate across a spectrum of long established photographic genre. With an eye honed by the rigours of museum collections documentation, his day job, his work provides an important challenge to notions of Heritage- the white bread miasma that is Brand Tasmania.

    Over twenty years Cuthbert has refined an extraordinary visual archive detailing humans desire to create structures that provide shelter and comfort, utility and efficiency. Part portrait and indexical document, part social commentary and part elegy Cuthbert toys with the viewers habituated knowledge systems of the built environment. This is the true Nature of the twenty-first century world not the artificially sequestered wildernesses so dear to Romantics. In the supposed “non-places” of the suburbs, the roadside layover or desperate barren paddocks we encounter ambitious invention, wilful individuation or entropic approximations of such. What is striking about Cuthbert’s archival vision is a palpable sympathy for the subject matter.

    A Cuthbert leitmotif is an insistent compositional isolation that enhances the forensic incremental detail provided by the lens but also elevates what are essentially architectural studies into the genre of portraiture. Here in these terrains it is difficult not to anthropomorphise- sometimes “Cuthbert’s” structures stand resolute, sometimes stagger against all odds, where simple survival is in itself heroic. Of late this sensibility has become much keener indeed much more mature.

    Craig Judd August 2017

  • Awards

    2008 MaCarthurCook Art Award, (3rd place) Gallery 45downstairs, Melbourne
    2006 Houston Fotofest Discovery, Photonews Magazine (May 2006), Hamburg, Germany
    2005 National Photographic Purchase Award, Albury Regional Gallery, NSW
    Prometheus Visual Art Award, All Saints Anglican School, Gold Coast, Qld
    Island Art Prize (part of the Ten Days on the Island Festival), Stanley Artworks, Tas
    Julie Millowick Acquisitive Award, Castlemain State Festival, Horsham Regional Gallery, Vic

  • Exhibitions

    Recent Solo Exhibitions
    2014 Beyond Nature, Kaunas International Photography Festival, Lithuania
    2010 Beyond Nature, Singapore International Festival of Photography
    2010 Simple solutions for a complex world, Despard Gallery, Hobart
    2008 Branded, Despard Gallery, Hobart and Linden Gallery, Melbourne
    2006 Downtown, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
    2005 Downtown, CAST Gallery, Hobart Tas
    Call of the Wild, Gallery 482, Brisbane; Despard Gallery, Hobart
    Recent Group Exhibitions
    2016 32nd Alice Prize, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs
    2014 It Is Not It That We See, Sawtooth ARI, Launceston
    2013 Apache CLIP Award 2013, Perth Centre for Contemporary Photography, WA
    2012 Josephine Ulrick & Wynn Schubert Photography Award, Gold Coast City Gallery, Qld
    2009 Poimena Art Prize, Launceston Grammar School, Tasmania
    2008 Gold Coast Ulrick Schubert Photographic Art Award, Gold Coast City Gallery, Qld
    Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Gallery, Qld
    MaCarthur Cook Art Award 08, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne
    Melbourne Art Fair 08, Despard Gallery at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
    2007 City of Hobart Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart
    William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne
    City of Perth Contemporary Art Prize, Town Hall, Perth
    2006 If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
    Light Sensitive, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    Melbourne Art Fair 06, Despard Gallery at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
    2005 City of Perth Contemporary Art Prize, PICA, Perth
    Hutchins Art Prize, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
    This Urban World, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tas
    Industrial Strength, Horsham Regional Gallery, VIC
    CCP/Leica Docmentary Award, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne; and touring nationally through 2006/07
    National Photographic Purchase Award, Albury Regional Gallery, NSW
    Prometheus Art Award, All Saints Anglican School, Gold Coast
    Rhapsody 21C, The Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania
    Outdooring, Senkukan Gallery, Tokyo
    On Island, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tas
    Island Visions Art Prize, Stanley, Tas
    Awkward Silences, Linden Gallery, Melbourne; Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Tas

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Simon Cuthbert

Greasy Joes
100 x 125 x 5 cm type C print $3,200.00

Simon Cuthbert

Rest area
100 x 125 x 5 cm type C print $3,200.00