Selina Kucks a.k.a. Sketa

Selina Kucks a.k.a. Sketa

  • Artist’s Statement

    As an artist, author and illustrator, I have worked in various mediums over the years. Yet, I am particularly partial to using watercolour, with pen and ink.

    In my early years, I experimented with both acrylic paint and oil, and tended to create quite large, expansive paintings - given, I loved painting stage backdrops. However, that was quite a while ago.

    My brushwork progressed to experimenting with light and colour in abstract form - again, with acrylic paint on quite a large scale. As expected, this required a large space to work and also needed frequent access to smooth, yet light weight board. Unfortunately, travelling across countries put this form of painting to an abrupt end and I set forth on a new mission - Watercolour painting.

    The latter enabled me to travel, keep up my love for art, was considerably light weight and also kind on my pocket. It also gave me opportunities to grow and play around in a light weight, fluid medium that did not require huge haulage across any borders. It allowed me to venture into illustrating children's books, which has become a primary focus for me, in recent years.

    Along side watercolour painting, I enjoy creating monochromatic pen and ink drawings that serve as a base for my design and utilitarian creations.

  • Biography

    Given the word 'Artist' covers a lot of ground for me, both in Australia and overseas in the world of entertainment and the arts - I am known as 'Sketa'.

    This nickname was handed out by my grandfather, whom constantly likened my never-ending energies as a child, to that of a mosquito. My buzzing about the place earned me this endearing term and hence, I have sign off as 'Sketa' on all artistic endeavours ever since.

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Selina Kucks a.k.a. Sketa

A Mousy Friend
20 x 25 x 2 cm WATERCOLOUR $880.00

Selina Kucks a.k.a. Sketa

Pen and ink
20 x 25 x 2 cm pen and ink $880.00