Selearah Starre

Selearah Starre

  • Artist’s Statement

    Nature has always been a grounding and balancing force in my life, so it is no surprise that my visual concepts of it are represented in my art.

    My artistic development started in contemporary and abstract genres progressing into realism. Further insights into the depth of my own artistic perceptions and emotions, are on-going and evidenced through the final representations in my artwork. Mainly as a self-taught artist I enjoy exploring how to express my ideas and art movements and styles uniquely and in unity together as in my 'Hope' series, what I named 'Aughtrealism'. That is, realism expressionism starting from the year 2000 onwards. 'Pride' is my second painting in this series and signed in my former name. 'Emulate' is my third painting in this series signed in my artistic and official name.

    'Aughtrealism' is realism expressionism using realistic features of animate and inanimate subjects within an abstract framework. Aughtrealism uses the bolder colour ranges often used in contemporary/modern art, colours that symbolise, resemble or express emotional content or convey ideas by blending and uniting levels of colours uniquely more than in subtle and soft toned blends of colours.

    I connect with reverence to the words of Robert Henri when he advised art students to “go off the beaten paths, whenever beaten by themselves or by others, and have adventures with the unknown".

    "My artistic vision is of bridging time and space through the wisdom earned and learned in my life. My journey will continue the investigation of things, seeking my version of beauty."

    “Freedom’s Vision” my first painting using my artistic name and is symbolical of my journey thus far. The square tailed kite is highly agile and is known as a flying painting. This beautiful concept of agility and uniqueness I admire and seek, with my creativity.

    I am freeing myself of the shackles of my past, I shall venture into new areas, meet other difficulties, and continue my adventure with the unknown.

  • Biography

    Selearah Starre is my artistic name, formerly Ngaire Winwood.

    At the age of 15, I took a private art class with Alex Rotteviel, a retired art teacher. Through his professionalism and artistic strength even in his late 70's, he inspired a deep passion within me for the first time. Twelve years of artistic drought then followed where a niggling strong urge gnawed inside me, that I could not shake. I found a local artist, and joined her weekly group sessions attending when possible, for a year.

    Life has not always been conducive to being creative and I produce art at the rate that it is possible. Now, gearing up into my creative career.

    I am dedicated to portray spirituality symbolically, to capture the essence of authenticity, to harness the wisdom from life lived, immersing the subject using a colour symphony, enticing souls to fly through love.

    Ultimately, to seek out what beauty has to say in my heart, one that can soothe the soul and inspires those, who connect with my art.

  • Influences

    Renaissance Masters
    European Masters
    Hudson River Artists

  • Awards

    2018 Finalist - International Light Space Time/Nature Category, Florida USA

  • Exhibitions

    1994-2007 Joint Exhibitions with Range Artists Inc. throughout Queensland
    2001-2004 Stanthorpe Art Exhibition
    2001-2004 Joint Exhibitions with Border Artists, Tenterfield
    2005-2007 Downlands Art Exhibition , Toowoomba
    2014-2019 Joint Exhibitions with Range Artists Inc. throughout Queensland
    2014-present Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba

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Selearah Starre

Freedom's Vision - Square Tailed Kite
76 x 60 x 3cm Framed: 84 x 68 x 3cm Pastel on canvas $5,000.00

Selearah Starre

31 x 40 x 3cm oil $1,800.00