Satya Demasson

Satya Demasson

  • Artist’s Statement

    I am a realist artist inpsired to work in medium of oil paint and charcoal, finding my own unique way of exploring the beauty of the human form.

  • Biography

    Satya de Masson completed his art studies at James St Art College, Perth, in 1971. He ran hi own graphic design business between 1994 to 2009.

    With painting trips to France, Satya studied oil painting at the Acros de la Frontera Academy in Spain, under the direction of the internationally recognised American realist artist Daniel E Greene

  • Influences

    Frans Hals
    William- Adolphe Bouguereau
    Michela Parkes
    Daniel E Greene

  • Exhibitions

    Joint Exhibition Caloundra Regional Gallery 1998

    June 2013 Solo exhibition at Antique Guild Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

    Ongoing representation at Maleny Art Direct- Malney

  • Website

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Satya Demasson

"The Dying Swan"
68 x 90 x 3cm Framed: 90 x 115 x 3cm Charcoal on J.A. Paper $5,990.00

Satya Demasson

"The Flamenco Dancer"
68 x 90 x 3cm Framed: 90 x 115 x 3cm Charcoal On J.A> Design Paper $5,850.00

Satya Demasson

"Woodnymph" Postcard From Paris Series
67 x 47cm Framed: 90 x 66 x 3cm Charcoal on J. A. Paper $4,800.00

Satya Demasson

" Beau Derriere" Postcard From Paris Series
60 x 86 x 2cm Framed: 64 x 108 x 3cm Charcoal On Fabiano Paper $5,500.00