Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

  • Artist’s Statement

    Toowoomba-based artist, Sarah Walker, has been honing her skills with acrylic paint since 1999. Originally inspired by the use of Spiritual fruit in Christianity, Sarah continues to use fruit as her main subject, both as an object and as a symbol.

    Her semi-realistic style of still life has touches of humour inspired by surrealism as well as a unique, bold use of colour. Walker has been exhibiting in the local region and beyond since 2017.

  • Biography

    Best in Show 2019 Darling Downs mental health week exhibition.

    2021: Grammar Art Show
    2020: Grammar Art Show
    2019: Darling Downs Mental Health Week Exhibition, Toowoomba
    2019: Downlands Art Exhibition,Toowoomba
    2019: Seasons of Creation, St John's Cathedral Brisbane
    2019: Toowoomba Art Society members exhibition
    2019: Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba.
    2018: RAW horizons, The Met, Brisbane

    Represented in Toowoomba by the Feather and Lawry Design Gallery.

  • Influences

    Colour, lots of it. My imagination, and the thoughts within. I love the work of Jeffrey Smart, he takes the everyday mundane and injects colour and whimsy into it, I love that. I love Dali's strange ways and worlds as well. I love to bring colour to people's worlds, whether a lot or a little, helping people to step out of their comfort zones is definitely a big influence in my work. Deconstructing random maths and biblical concept crossovers is also another pet enjoyment for painting ideas.

  • Exhibitions

    Toowoomba Art Society Spring Members exhibition, September 2019
    Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba, March 2019
    Raw, Horizons, Brisbane Met, September 2018
    Glennie Art Show, Toowoomba, March 2017

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Sarah Walker

In the Midst of Death We Are Life

Sarah Walker

Still Life Still Death

Sarah Walker

Summer Fruits
51.5 x 40.5cm Acrylic $450.00

Sarah Walker

Still life Still death
102 x 76 x 3.8cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $1,750.00