Sarah Field

Sarah Field

  • Artist’s Statement

    Sarah's artwork focuses on the beauty of the natural world, and she takes particular interest in the positive effects art and design can have on the human spirit. Sarah works in oils and watercolours, across the genres of still life, landscapes and portraiture.

  • Biography

    Sarah Field is an emerging artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. She began to move her painting practice from a hobby to a profession in 2020 and in that time has been a finalist in four south-east Queensland art prizes and was awarded 2nd place.

  • Awards

    2nd Place, Moreton Bay Region Art Prize | 2021
    Finalist, Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award | 2020

  • Exhibitions

    Moreton Bay Region Art Exhibition | 2021
    Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery | 2021
    Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery | 2020

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Sarah Field

The Two Of Us
25 x 30 x 3.5cm Oil on Canvas $340.00

Sarah Field

The Three Of Us
25 x 30 x 3.5cm Oil on Canvas $340.00