Roslyn Cranch

Roslyn Cranch

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have been painting for about 40 years. While I lived out west I painted the bush and Carnarvon area before moving on to old Queenslander houses which I love. Two of my paintings are a result of a trip to Japan and the cultural customs I witnessed there. I have mainly painted in oils but have found acrylic paints very versatile and love their quick drying properties. Sometimes I work out and paint the bulk of my picture in acrylic and complete it in oil paint.

  • Biography

    I was born, Roslyn McCarry, in Mitchell, western Queensland, moved to live in Brisbane in my teens, lived and got married to a New Zealander in Auckland, New Zealand. Then, as Roslyn Cranch, my husband and I moved back to Brisbane where our family grew up and went to school. Having had enough of city life and wanting to connect to family and relatives we moved to Roma, western Queensland in about 1985. After about 15 years enjoying the west and grandchildren arriving, we moved in 2001, here to Toowoomba as our last stop and love it.

  • Influences

    The places I've been and the places I've lived in have been the influence on my work. It is a way to relive my memories.

  • Awards

    Roma Easter In The Country Art Show. Toowoomba Art Society Members' Exhibition. Surat Art Show.

  • Exhibitions

    I have held four exhibitions in conjunction with another artist at the Culliford Gallery of the Toowoomba Art Society.

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Roslyn Cranch

Birdsville Races
59 x 69 x 4 cm Oil on Canvas $280.00