Rosemary Scott

Rosemary Scott

  • Artist’s Statement

    Painting feels like my most natural form of communication. It's as though I've always got something to say that's best said with paints. I'm currently exploring the world of abstract art; focusing on creating works that encourage both myself and the viewer to follow feelings and emotions to find meaning in the piece .

  • Biography

    I’m a Toowoomba based artist sharing my life with my husband and two fabulous children - two boys that make me smile and laugh countless times a day.

    We've spent many years living in lots of cities around the country, but we always find ourselves back in Toowoomba. It's hot in the Summer but beautifully cool in the Winter, and it’s far from the bustle of big city life - a lifestyle that suits me perfectly. While I love the excitement and creativity of larger cities, this one helps to keep me grounded in a way that I've never found possible elsewhere.

    I spend my days with my studio buddy Rocket, our jowly Bullmastiff.

  • Exhibitions

    2009 - Solo Exhibit - Flavours at Hampton Gallery, Hampton, Queensland
    2010 - Solo Exhibit - 53Russell Art Gallery, Toowoomba, Queensland
    2010 - 2016 - Pink Peppercorn Deli Cafe Gallery, Toowoomba, Queensland
    2012 - Holy Name Art Show - art donated for auction - Toowoomba, Queensland
    2019 - Huon Art Awards - Lovett Gallery, Cygnet, Tasmania

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Rosemary Scott

122 x 92 x 4 cm acrylic and mixed media on canvas $1,700.00