Ros Billingsley

Ros Billingsley

  • Artist’s Statement

    Ros’s passion has always been studying shape, line and colour. She loves to capture her inspirations onto canvas.

  • Biography

    Rosalind gained an Art and Design professional licentiate from Cambridge College of Art in England. She designed graphic games for a children’s educational publisher, then became a city newspaper's leading illustrator. She founded a graphic design and print business, ‘AdArt’, which she brought to Toowoomba. Her portrait paintings and imaginative sketches are spread around the world. When not painting, she writes stories, poems and dramas.

  • Exhibitions

    Many exhibitions, including those of the Range Artists.

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Ros Billingsley

108 x 88 x 2.5cm Acrylic on canvas, black frame $420.00

Ros Billingsley

Paint the sky
46 x 36 x 2cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $210.00