Rhonda Brown

Rhonda Brown

  • Artist’s Statement

    Mixing colours from a limited colour palette is exciting experience as it opens up a whole new world of different hues and tints, exciting vibrancy and endless possibilities in exploration of colour harmony that creates an atmosphere that draw you in.

    Oils is my choice of medium and find the consistency stirs a passion and easily become totally immersed in the exploration of colour and all its intricacies.

    I am continually in pursuit of further developing and improving technique.

  • Biography

    Painting has been my passion for over 40 years. Time has allowed it to become a full-time vocation in the last 11 years. It has provided healing throughout life’s difficult times.

    Over the years I have increased my artistic skills through tutoring by many successful artists. I have also completed many artists workshops further developing my artistic skills.

    I now share my skills tutoring others in my Brisbane studio.

  • Influences

    My influences are Claude Monet for his constant pursuit of capturing nature and the vibrancy that light brings to it.

    Margaret Olley for her unique still life and interiors, capturing the beauty of everyday life from her home giving it a life of its own.

  • Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibition, Percolator Gallery, Paddington February 2012
    Studio Exhibition April 2021

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Rhonda Brown

Scrumptious Figs
43.18 x 38.1 x 1cm Oil on Canvas Board $475.00

Rhonda Brown

Gumnut Rhapsody
45.72 x 35.56 x 3.5cm Oil on Canvas $425.00