Reordan J Carey

Reordan J Carey

  • Artist’s Statement

    This Collection of artwork is known as Arcane-Tecture, a selection of works featuring reimaginings and wholly new visions of human structures enhanced by the fantastical. A commentary on the loss of whimsy in the age of steel and glass, Arcane-Tecture presents mundane places through a fantastical lens, or adversely, fantastic places through a mundane lens.

    Though Arcane-tecture has been a continual project, the pieces in this exhibition showcase two key ideals: a desire to restore whimsy to aspects of Education and industry. Each artwork uses details and designs to intricately weave a tale of these core concepts, untainted by the ruthless monotony of efficiency and bathed in the slow and gentle wonder that Reordan's early years at Downlands fostered.

  • Biography

    Reordan Carey is an author and illustrator based in Maleny, Queensland. A graduate of Downlands College and the University of the Sunshine Coast, Reordan finds inspiration for the fantastical among the mundane, weaving stories through words and art that transcend the foundations they spring from.

    Reordan works mostly in illustrative mediums, both analog and digital, though is skilled across many media, often using sculpture, digital modeling, photography, and other crafts to create references for his final illustrations. These processes provide unique formatting to his work and ensure a lineage of creative expression that shows in the final pieces.

    Reordan often pairs his artwork with text or vice versa, each part acting together to create a cohesive whole, which he uses to his advantage in his creative writing, weaving together new and exciting stories with both a literary and visual element. Almost all of his works pay homage to his literary world of Topsoil, in their own way.

  • Influences

    Reordan draws inspiration from many places, mostly using historical sources such as newspapers, mail order catalogs, and illustrated literary works to emulate a style reminiscent of woodcuts or 17th-century engravings, often recreating real historical concepts with a fantastical twist.

    He draws influence from contemporary artists such as Linda Medley, Peter Deligdisch, Luigi Serafini, and Luca Vanzella; as well as classic artists such as Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Erik Desmazières.

  • Exhibitions

    Reordan has showcased artwork in joint projects with the University of the Sunshine Coast as well as through local festivals, such as the Maleny youth festival.

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Reordan J Carey

The Uplands Collegiate of Arcane Artistry
42 x 59 x 5 cm Digital Print and Watercolour, Framed $641.00

Reordan J Carey

Gatehouse 5 of the Guild of Recreational Couriers
59 x 42 x 5 cm Digital Print and Watercolour, Framed $882.00