Priscilla Mundell

Priscilla Mundell

  • Artist’s Statement

    Priscilla Mundell now resides in Toowoomba and enjoys painting flowers from her garden and surrounds after many years of living with a garden without water. Priscilla enjoys experimenting with collage on paper experimenting with ink, watercolour, tissue paper pastels etc. Also using acrylic on canvas

  • Biography

    Priscilla Mundell was born in the UK. Arrived in Queensland in the 1970s to live at Condamine. Was a member of the Miles Art Group for many years and enjoyed the art days and classes. Recently Priscilla moved to Toowoomba and has joined an the Toowoomba art group here made up from ex Glenmorgan and Miles Members

  • Influences

    Impressionists, Fauvres &Matisse

  • Exhibitions

    Toowoomba GrammarArt Show 2023
    TAS 45x45 Art Show 2023
    TAG art exhibition Dalby 2023
    TAG art exhibition Warwick 2023
    TAG art exhibition Rosalie Gallery 2022
    Downlands 2022

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Priscilla Mundell

Vases of Flowers
70 x 54 x 3 cm Collage, ink, watercolour and pastels on paper - framed Sold