peter Fitzpatrick

peter Fitzpatrick

  • Artist’s Statement

    I Consider myself a naïve practitioner where I adventurously experiment with ideas, mediums, subjects and processes. The aim of telling my storyline's is often replaced and encouraged for by my viewer's to i8nterpret their own storyline and have a conversation with my works as this is my ultimate objective - "every art piece is a conversation".
    Colour, shapes and form act like pages and chapters within a book, or chords , rhythms and rifts within a musical piece where each sector attracts attention via a unique vibrancy aimed to hold your attention longer than a fleeting moment.

  • Biography

    i am an after a professional work life practitioner. Attending a number of USQ Artworks classes during the pasr 11 years and chasing mentorship and guidance from my diverse group of art friends i am exploring every opportunity to exercise and practice new ideas and processes. all of my paintings and print works emanate from my sketchbooks. Basic thumbnail to complex detailed drawings allow me to put thoughts onto paper as and when they strike and with no particular forethought to an actual painting at that point of my process. My works are the end product of the evolution of one, or many ideas but every work has a storyline attached to the evolution.
    I commit to exhibit every year, solo or jointly and this depends on my aimed for outcome and or how i envisage my co-exhibitors expand and compliment my desired outcome.

  • Influences

    Influences are innumerable where, for me, most are maybe subliminal and to a high degree have been influenced by my past. As a story teller in my art pursuits i can marry past travel experiences with influences that surround me in the "now".
    I am an experimenter driven by the challenge, my challenge but all artists and artworks have left a little something within my head space.

  • Exhibitions

    Numerous solo ands group exhibitions within Toowoomba region including Downlands annual show for some six years.
    St Vincent Melbourne, "Science in art & art in science" past 4 years.
    Marngrook, Mildura annual exhibition on the subject of AFL . 4 years. 2 as a travelling exhibition throughout Victoria.

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peter Fitzpatrick

Reclining Study - Within the shadows series
79 x 89 x 3 cm Framed: 85 x 95 x 5 cm Pastel on paper $575.00

peter Fitzpatrick

My Fallen Brother
60 x 42 cm Framed: 77 x 52 x 3 cm Graphite & Charcoal on paper $535.00

peter Fitzpatrick

Lines of Engagement
55 x 75 cm Framed: 85 x 64 x 5 cm Graphite & Charcoal on paper $420.00