Nikki Tonkin

Nikki Tonkin

  • Artist’s Statement

    Using watercolour for me is as much as about the pigments as it is about the interaction and movement of water within a painting.
    I love the fluidity of watercolour- it is wonderfully diverse.

  • Biography

    I started painting by doing watercolour classes and fell in love with this medium.
    Following classes and fitting painting in between a busy life raising four children, I started exhibiting. 
    First at the MET gallery in Highfields, then the Hampton Food and Wine Festival and by invitation to Downlands.
    I sold works last year and am delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit again.

  • Influences

    I enjoy impressionist works but take influences from all areas of life - nature, artworks, materials, colours and emotions.

  • Exhibitions

    MET Gallery
    Hampton Art Show
    Downlands Exhibition 

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Nikki Tonkin

48 x 58 x 2 cm Water colour $650.00

Nikki Tonkin

Across the Mountains
42 x 51 x 2.5 cm Water colour Sold