Nikki Tonkin

Nikki Tonkin

  • Artist’s Statement

    Watercolour pigments can do amazing things when joined with water. I enjoy letting these two entities integrate in less controlled ways and shape them after they've made their mark. Watercolour is a wonderful, expressive medium to work in.

  • Biography

    Relatively new to selling artworks. Began painting in watercolour workshops around 6 or 7 years ago and have been painting casually ever since. Sold my first pieces at this years Hampton food and wine festival.

  • Influences

    I enjoy impressionist works but take influences from all areas of life - nature, artworks, materials, colours and emotions.

  • Exhibitions

    Hampton Food and Wine Festival

    Downlands Art Exhibition
    Toowoomba Art Society Spring Exhibition 2021

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Nikki Tonkin

Golden Afternoon
54 x 73 x 3cm WATERCOLOUR $650.00

Nikki Tonkin

Journeying Again
49 x 59 x 3cm WATERCOLOUR $600.00