Nick Kohler

Nick Kohler

  • Artist’s Statement

    Born and raised in beautiful Brisbane, currently based on the Gold Coast and managed by Aspire Gallery in Brisbane, Nick Kohler is a self-taught painter specializing in oils.

    Primarily focusing on portraits, Nick is interested in capturing the true identity of a subject through a mix of realism and deconstruction techniques. Unlike traditional portraiture, still life or landscapes - Nick is interested more in the mark-making and textures of the paint and how these marks relate to the subject and bring them to life, rather than just achieving a convincing likeness.

  • Biography

    As well as private commission work, Nick has been a finalist in Aspire Gallery’s 2019 “In Focus” show and was the winner of the 2017 Neumann Dust Temple Portrait Prize.

  • Influences

    A lifelong fascination with how people interact with their surroundings and each other strongly influences both the process and look of his work. In addition, there are a range of more classically-trained and practicing portrait artists as well as contemporary artists who have influenced his style, including - Tom Roberts, John Singer Sargent, Lucian Freud, Robert Hannaford, Norman Rockwell, Jenny Saville, Christian Hook and Andrew Salgado.

  • Awards

    Neumann Dust Temple Portrait Prize | 2017

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Nick Kohler

The Stare
46 x 35 x 4cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $600.00

Nick Kohler

50 x 40 x 4cm Framed: 53 x 43 x 6cm Oil on board $1,500.00