Nathan Hass

Nathan Hass

  • Artist’s Statement

    This painting is a geometric abstraction representation of the chemical reaction of the subconscious and consciousness of the mind. A reflection and awareness of  my own mental illnesses . Through the creation of this painting it has brought myself clarity and understanding and a sense of peace.   Titled Synthesis .  

  • Biography

    Born in Toowoomba Queensland Australia in  1978, Nathan had an early influence from 70’s sci-fi art and 80’s skateboard graphics and graffiti from trips to Brisbane and the Gold Coast with his family . 
    Nathan worked with the Toowoomba Youth Service between 1994-1996 while still in high school doing workshops and murals are town. Continuing to develop skills mainly self taught or tips from graffiti artist he made friends with on his artistic journey. 
    Again in 2000-2003 working with Toowoomba Youth Service and fellow graffiti artists running weekly workshops and murals for local business and community projects in Toowoomba and around the Darling Downs. 
    Nathan completed a Sign-writing apprenticeship in 2007.
    Moving to Melbourne the same year Nathan continued to expand on his passion for art and began working as a shop assistant at a Tattoo studio where he gain a stronger eye for detail all the while building on his own personal style doing graffiti and commission hand painted signs for Tattoo studios in Melbourne and for clients overseas. 
    In 2013 Nathan took a look back at his journey thus far and decided to make a few canvas inspired from 60’s / 70’s pattern work that was a fond memory. Soon realising the depth he could get  with bold bright sharp colours mixed with a heavy chaotic background and mathematical precision, Nathan had found his groove. 
    Mainly selling work through social media, Nathan decided to have a solo exhibition “ Space Time” at Brunswick Street Gallery Collingwood Melbourne in 2017.
    Nathan then moved back to Toowoomba later that year.
     In 2019 Nathan had a duo exhibition at Dunmore Gallery with Jon Vargas “Perspective” . 
     2021 Nathan exhibited with First Coat Studio’s exhibition “Fresh Meat” .
    Nathan’s work can be found around local tattoo studios, cafes, cocktail bar, and other establishments and also murals around Toowoomba. 

  • Influences

    Jackson Pollock , Vincent Van Gogh,  M.C .Escher ,  Pro Hart, Reg Mombassa.

  • Exhibitions

    Per square meter Collingwood Melbourne 2015
    Space Time - Brunswick Street Gallery Collingwood Melbourne 2017

    Perspective-  Dunmore Gallery Toowoomba 2019 

    Fresh Meat - First Coat Studio Toowoomba 2021 

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Nathan Hass

110 x 110 x 5 cm Oil/aerosol/acrylic on canvas $1,800.00