Nate Hornery

Nate Hornery

  • Artist’s Statement

    Nate’s artwork is a reflection of the world around him. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, he captures a moment in time through his work. His art is not just a visual representation of what he sees, but a feeling, a mood, a memory. Through his pieces, he invites the viewer to share in his experience and see the world through his eyes. Whether it’s a bustling city street or a serene natural landscape, Nate’s art tells a story and evokes an emotional response. By sharing his perspective through his work, Nate hopes to inspire others to appreciate the beauty in the world around them.

  • Biography

    Nate Hornery is a contemporary artist based in Toowoomba. He has exhibited his work in various galleries and exhibitions throughout Queensland.

  • Influences

    Ray Bonilla
    David Hinchliffe
    Lindsey Kustusch
    Tom Hughes

  • Awards

    Finalist - 2023 The Next Big Thing (The Toowoomba Gallery)
    Finalist - 2022 Sunshine Coast Art Prize

  • Exhibitions

    2023 Solo Exhibition "Out and About" (Brouhaha Gallery)
    2023 Grammar Art Show
    2022 Sunshine Coast Art Prize (Caloundra)
    2022 Facets of Fairholme Exhibition
    2022 Grammar Art Show
    2022 The Toowoomba Gallery
    2021 Downlands Art Exhibition
    2021 Facets of Fairholme Exhibition
    2021 Grammar Art Show
    2020 Sommerset Art Show

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Nate Hornery

80 x 80 x 4 cm Acrylic on Canvas | Shadow-Box Framed in Raw Tasmanian Oak $1,700.00