Mike Armstrong

Mike Armstrong

  • Artist’s Statement

    I seek to reconcile my experiences as military veteran and artist by producing art that builds empathy and generates discussion on our nations involvement in war. I achieve this through a multidisciplinary art practice that encourages participation and the generation of experience.

  • Biography

    Voices of Veterans events are a lightning rod for veteran and mental health awareness. They aim to bring communities together and engage them. During Voices of Veterans art exhibitions, art workshops and small events may be offered. Please contact us to collaborate to help deliver events as they are only possible with support.

    The artworks have been featured in art events, special receptions and festivals around Australia. These include the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2022, Australian Military Medical Association (AMMA) Conference in Melbourne, March to Art: VOICE at Australian National Veterans Art Museum (ANVAM) Exhibition in Melbourne, a UNSW Canberra Alumni networking event in Canberra and the Veteran Film Festival 2022.

  • Exhibitions

    Manning Art Prize (Naked and Nude), Finalist Exhibition September 2017
    Disquiet II
    Conversations, December 2016 (Solo Show)
    ​Relics of Decay
    Queensland Figurative Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition September 2016
    Imposition II, 2016, Oil on Linen
    Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing, Finalist Exhibition August 2016
    Traits of the Living (Dying), 2016, Graphite on paper (Prize Winner)
    Death of the Bystander, July 2016 (Solo Show)
    Six Ways to Kill, 2016, performance
    Kill House, 2016, Installation
    Death of the Bystander, 2016, various artworks
    Destruction, 2016, Ceramic blade, wire, shattered blades
    Destruction Time-lapse, 2016, Video
    Formation, 2016, Wood, wire
    Drawn From Life, May 2016 (Group Show)
    Imposition, 2016, Oil on linen
    Embrace, 2016, Oil on linen
    Day Dreaming Nude, 2016, Graphite on paper
    Service on the Homefront, April 2016 (Group Show)
    Bridge, 2016, mixed media
    Daddy, 2015, Graphite on paper
    Happy Birthday Corey (Afghanistan), 2013, Digital Print
    Missing Green (Afghanistan), 2016, Digital Print and oil paint
    Notice Board (Iraq), 2015, Digital Print

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Mike Armstrong

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