Maneerasht Kampipop

Maneerasht Kampipop

  • Artist’s Statement

    Sense of Beauty

  • Biography

    2013 Master of Fine Arts Degree (Applied Art Studies; Oil on Canvas), Silpakorn University Bangkok, Thailand.
    2008 Bachelor of Art (Fine and Applied Arts; Painting of Interior Decoration), Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Phatumtani, Thailand.

  • Influences

    Impressionism of beautiful mind

  • Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibition;
    2008 Soul Emotional -I, Kunstandwerk Gallery,Germany.
    2008 Soul Emotional -II, Asian Institute of technology, Pathumtani, Thailand.

    Group Exhibition;
    2018 The Revelation “The Message of God” (Oil on Canvas), New Delhi, India
    2013 Master Thesis (Oil on Canvas of Interior Decoration), Bangkok, Thailand.
    2009 Contemporary Art Gallery (Oil on Canvas; Love Me Love my Arts), Ayothaya, Thailand.
    2008 Contemporary Art Gallery (Metal Welding; Mini Sculpture), Ayothaya, Thailand.
    2007 Nature Power (Oil on Canvas), Kunsthandwerk Gallery, Germany.
    2006 Jaw-Fa Glorified Ceremony (Oil on Canvas), Pathumthani, Thailand.

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Maneerasht Kampipop

Dimensional of dreams -2
120 x 120 x 4cm Oil on Canvas $3,104.00

Maneerasht Kampipop

Dimensional of dreams - 4
120 x 100 x 3cm Oil on Canvas $2,485.00