Lynne Drysdale Stapleton

Lynne Drysdale Stapleton

  • Artist’s Statement

    "I have been fortunate to stand in awe of Michelangelo's towering sculpture of David in Florence as well as the amazing ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. I have climbed the mighty Acropolis in Athens and wandered for many hours through the Louvre in Paris. However amazing or beautiful artworks may be, it is always the stories behind their creation that capture my imagination. My art practice is all about story-telling."

  • Biography

    Lynne Drysdale Stapleton was educated in Toowoomba and has achieved academic qualifications in both Education and Management. This year has seen her return to USQ for her third academic qualification, this time in the School of Arts. Together with her successful art practice, Lynne has also developed an extensive career as an educator, published author, journalist, broadcaster and business executive in many professional settings.

  • Influences

    "Aphrodite" and "Persephone", draw inspiration from the concept of the Divine Feminine. Semi-Abstract, contemporary "Dreaming of Paris" references styles and colours of Saville, Matisse and Picasso.

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Lynne Drysdale Stapleton

"Dreaming of Paris"
102 x 76 x 4cm Acrylic on stretched canvas with a bespoke white timber frame $2,500.00