Lyn Johnston

Lyn Johnston

  • Artist’s Statement

    Being self taught I have been inspired by what I see around me and wish to create a sense of that realism whether it be in landscapes, portraiture (animals predominately) and simple objects. Preferred medium has been largely in simple black and white, using graphite and charcoal but more recently, pastel.

  • Biography

    Having only recently started taking art seriously, it has been as a middle aged artist that my journey began. Seeing this huge learning opportunity as being very exciting has spurred me onto learning as much as I possibly can by attending workshops in both graphite and more recently, pastels.
    A connection along with a feeling of empathy with any of my subjects has been a necessity before I attempt any drawing. My reference photos I have taken myself and tend to work largely from those.

  • Influences

    I have been totally awestruck by the works of contemporary graphite artists Mike Sibley (English) and JD Hillberry (American). Their sense of realism they achieve in their work touches me as being beyond belief.

  • Awards

    Prizes in local Agricultural Shows.

  • Exhibitions

    Hampton Food and Wine Festival
    Rosalie Gallery Goombungee- Emerging artists

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Lyn Johnston

Coffee Time
37 x 47 x 2 cm Graphite $310.00