Lyn Johnston

Lyn Johnston

  • Artist’s Statement

    My drawing and painting works began in graphite and charcoal, yet have now become coloured in the use of pastels.
    I become excited in producing pieces that are realistic, and despite being 2D, look 3D. They are simple not complicated, with the observer thinking they are looking at the real thing right in front of them.
    I start with the biggest shapes, thinking about composition, then values, followed by colour (for pastel work) adding the details towards the end of the process.

  • Biography

    It was only in 2011, 6 years before retiring, that I began my artist’s journey; regretting I had never studied art at school.
    My self taught work has concentrated on graphite and charcoal mainly, but since 2019 I have ventured into colour; pastels and watercolour. I try to achieve a sense of realism so strive for variations in values in order to create a 3D look.
    Having art lovers purchase my work brings me such great joy.
    I am always looking at extending my skills into other mediums, ever learning and developing those skills needed to be the best I can.

  • Influences

    JD Hillberry
    Mike SIbley
    Mary Cassatt

  • Awards

    Prizes in local Shows- Bell, Crows Nest and Goombungee

  • Exhibitions

    Downlands, Rosalie Gallery Goombungee, Lockyer Valley Gallery Gatton, Glen Rock Gallery Esk

  • Website

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Lyn Johnston

Did I Hear Walk Mentioned?
270 x 210 x 0.5 cm Framed: 430 x 520 x 20 cm graphite on paper $550.00

Lyn Johnston

My Beatiful Girl
900 x 600 x 35 cm Charcoal on canvas Sold