Liisa Gosper

Liisa Gosper

  • Artist’s Statement

    As a Pastel Artist, Liisa cherishes the freedom of her rural home studio, nestled on the fringes of Toowoomba, (Jarowair and Giabal). With a deep connection to the land, Liisa is captivated by the atmospheric intensity of shifting light across the hills, hollows and waterways of surrounding landscapes, inspiring her to create luminous and enticing impressions of her love for country, inviting the observer to absorb and engage in the majesty of the breath-takingly naked, natural environment.

  • Biography

    Through early childhood, Liisa’s graphite equine sketches were a clear guide to her life path. With top grades in Art at school, she enrolled in Art School for 5 more years of formal training, where she learned “how to see”. Upon graduation, priorities of life steered Liisa through careers in Design, Marketing, Retail and Administration, before an Artist friend encouraged her to take part in a local Exhibition in 2014. Now, with multiple Exhibitions, Commissions and Sales to Private Collectors, Liisa enjoys tutoring Pastel Art Classes.

  • Influences

    Landscape and Wildlife artists such as John Wilson, Ted Lewis, John Rice, Warwick Fuller, Leon Holmes and David Shepherd.

  • Awards

    1986-91 Licentiateship of The Society of Designer-Craftsmen (formerly the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, co-founded by William Morris)
    1986 Higher National Diploma
    1984 National Diploma
    1982 Certificate in Preliminary Study

  • Exhibitions

    2019 Downlands Art Exhibition Toowoomba
    2019 Facets of Fairholme Art Exhibition Toowoomba
    2018 Downlands Art Exhibition Toowoomba
    2018 Facets of Fairholme Art Exhibition Toowoomba
    2018 “Out Of The Blue” Art Exhibition WCAG Toowoomba
    2017 “Hornz ‘N’ Hoovez” 4 Person Art Exhibition WCAG Toowoomba
    2015 "Birds Of A Feather" 3 Person Art Exhibition WCAG Toowoomba
    2014 “Spring Is In The Air” Art Exhibition WCAG Toowoomba

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Liisa Gosper

The Watering Hole
51 x 66 x 3cm Soft Pastels $1,400.00