Lexie Antonio

Lexie Antonio

  • Artist’s Statement

    Never one to stick to one style, I waiver between doing watercolour cartoon depictions of characters and people and to trying my hand a contemporary acrylic works of Australian flora and geometric shapes, exploring colour and form.
    Whichever medium and style I put my hand to, one thing never changes. My love of bright colours and my need to make my artwork feel happy and joyful. Never one to get too dark and gloomy, I use my art to lift spirits and bring happiness to all ❤️

  • Biography

    LexArt Studio is the name I have given to my creative space! It’s my haven, my place of solitude and my place of growth and discovery. It came about when I was diagnosis with breast cancer after the birth of my second daughter. It provided me with an outlet for my self expression and my need to escape and create.
    Failing miserably to stick to any one style (perhaps because of my need to experiment and explore different styles because I am self taught or my great ability to get bored so easily) I oscillate between styles, mediums and sizes of works BUT the one thing that doesn’t change is my LOVE of colour and the happiness that creating and painting gives me.
    I live on a property outside Millmerran in the south east of Queensland with my husband Craig, two daughters Sophia and Scarlett and my two beloved long backed dogs Pip and Layla.
    I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings and as much as I love bringing them to you!
    You can follow my artwork on Instagram and Facebook 

  • Influences

    I am influenced by the world around me. I observe people, places and animals in great detail and try to imitate this in my artwork. Colour is a huge part of my reason for creating. None of my works are ever dull with colour..the brighter the better I say.
    I enjoy seeing the humour in life and often use this is my cartooning and journaling on Instagram and Facebook.
    Most recently I have been inspired by nature and my works have reflected this transition with my recent  native  flora artworks.

  • Awards

    Kenneth MacQueen  Memorial Trophy Champion Painting of the Show- Millmerran Show 2021
    Wynn Saal Memorial Trophy Best Local work 2021/2019-Millmerran Show
    People's Choice Award 2020- Millmerran Show

  • Exhibitions

    BlockWork combined exhibition 2012 Toowoomba (DREAM*CREATE*LIVE)
    Surat on Balonne- Solo Exhibition (DREAM*HOPE*LOVE) 2012
    Toowoomba Grammar Art Show 2017-2022 Brushstrokes Exhibition St George 2017-2021
    Goondiwindi Aspects Art Show 2019
    On The Bright Side Exhibition (Teresa Mundt/Lexie Antonio) Texas/Surat/Dalby Galleries 2018
    Bush Christmas Exhibition 2013-2020
    Resting Place for Birds 2021

    Downlands Art Exhibition 2021

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Lexie Antonio

42 x 30 x 4 cm Framed: 55 x 43 x 4cm Watercolour Collage $400.00

Lexie Antonio

The Scrum
48.4 x 67 x 3 cm Watercolour on Paper Sold