Kristy Richardson

Kristy Richardson

  • Artist’s Statement

    Toowoomba artist Kristy Richardson believes everyone can be creative, and anyone can be artistic with just a little help. Known for her bold use of colour, Kristy's trademark style is bright and fun! Enjoy her use of colour in her works, as you see the beauty in the unique.

  • Biography

    Kristy Richardson has been practicing her unique style for a several years now, with each artwork varying from the last. She has started her business "Kreate it", offering painting workshops, custom artworks, travelling artist and so much more; which from her business she has flourished into a influencer of art and her unique style.

  • Influences

    Fellow Artist: Alex Stalling

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Kristy Richardson

75 x 75 x 2.5 cm Arcylic on Linen Canvas $395.00