Kerenza Herndon

Kerenza Herndon

  • Artist’s Statement

    When creating art, my main aim is to create a piece that people can see themselves in. I wish to spread the message that beauty exists in ways that branch far beyond the box of societal standards within social media. By drawing reference from photographers with a similar goal, I have found inspirational examples of what I hope to achieve.

  • Biography

    I first worked with coloured pencils almost exactly 3 years ago and haven’t set them back down since. Prior to this, I worked with graphite pencils for about 5 months. Over the course of my artistic journey, I have had the privilege of being featured in a multitude of galleries. Most recently, I received first place in the USQ Future Visions art competition. Closely following this, my work received Best Picture at the Chronicle Junior Art Expo.

  • Influences

    Most of my artwork reflects the talent of photographers, whose pictures act as references for my art. By photographing important people to me in my life, I have drawn influence by those around me. Their unique message and battles have been conveyed through the pose they chose, and it is always a privilege to draw.

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Kerenza Herndon

Components of Beauty
27.9 x 35.6 x 0.2 cm Coloured pencil $650.00