Katrina Okkoronkwo

Katrina Okkoronkwo

  • Artist’s Statement

    Expressive and bold, emotionally textured.

    Many of my pieces are completely spontaneous, created with a feverish energy using the tools at hand. Often I want to capture a moment, or emotional experience - in order to record it in a beautiful way.

    My love of ballet and dance is undeniable. Often I close my eyes and escape to the depths of the inky blue stage and gleaming white stage lights, grasping my palette knife & Prussian Blue paint to record the glistening swans moving across the water. A deep appreciation of the human figure has emerged from this. Observing the fluidity, strength & grace of dancers provides endless inspiration for me.

    The unique element in my work is my fascination with deep inky, earthy hues to render form in a seductive and rugged way.


  • Biography

    Katrina is a New England NSW area based artist who describes her style as being:
    expressive and bold, emotionally textured and Urban Edge.

    Katrina uses various media from acrylic on bamboo paper, brushes, palette knives and other tools, photography and 3D holographic experiences.

    Katrina is not a past Downland's College student.

  • Awards

    2020 Finalist in Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize, Noosa Art Gallery.

    2014 Australian Achievers Award, NSW State Winner for Excellence for
    Australia's Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Service.

  • Exhibitions

    2021 "The Block Shop" Katrina created an exclusive collection of
    5 large artworks. Channel Nine.

    2020 Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Award exhibition at Noosa Art Gallery.

    2018 Ashrei Awards, Woollahra.

    2018 Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation charity art auction at Far Side Gallery, Marrickville.

    2017 Depictions Exhibition, Glen Street Theatre Belrose.

    2017-18 Group Exhibitions, Art & Soul Gallery, Seaforth

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Katrina Okkoronkwo

115 x 95 x 4cm Acrylic on paper - Framed. $3,500.00