Katie Whyte

Katie Whyte

  • Artist’s Statement

    I see painting as a way of investigating meaning. In particular I am interested in the ambiguity of organic abstract shapes and their potential to be seen as both landscape and human form. The meaning we attach to visual art is sourced from our own experiences of how we interact with the space around us. Combined with the power of emotional memory attained by colour, how we connect with an abstract painting reveals our own personal, visual history.

  • Biography

    Queensland, Australia. Studying how painting can influence our understanding of space, she completed a Bachelor (Honours) of Visual Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba. Over the past 15 years, Whyte's painting practice has explored the parallel between the process of deriving meaning from vision and the abstraction of painted forms. This has been realised in studio work, painting exhibitions, public art pieces and commercial murals commissions for clients such as First Coat Festival, Toowoomba Regional Council, Burrow Cafe Toowoomba, CoSpaces Gold Coast and WeWork Brisbane.

  • Influences

    My current painting practice is influenced by my surrounding mountainous horizon lines and life drawing sketches of reclined models.

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Katie Whyte

It Makes Us
63 x 45 x 4cm Gouache on Cotton Rag Paper $720.00