Kate Smith

Kate Smith

  • Artist’s Statement

    Kate says of her work: “Art is Life … Life is colours, texture and guts, with the magic of each stroke artists put together a dramatic image which travels through our eyes into our emotions. My goal as an artist is to bring it all together into one expressive viewable moment.” In all of Kate’s pastels, she aims to create a sense of intrigue so that viewers are taken “into a kind of fairy tale. My women have been woven into their own narrative, created both by their setting and by the viewer’s reaction. I love to take people on a journey into my paintings and surrealism lends itself to story-telling”.

  • Awards

    Kate is a multi-award-winning artist with over 100 art prizes to her credit, as well as many resort and corporate commissions. However , like all artists has worked hard for success. She sees optimism as her secret weapon and tells the story of early painting days when forced to live in a squat, she hosted a wealthy client and her chauffeur in a room devoid of decor and conveniences, apart from her vibrant hand painted walls!

    Kate Smith’s art prizes include: SGIO art award (1983); Moreton Shire Art Award, Queensland (1983, 1984 & 1987); Sunshine Newspaper Company Award (1983); Nerang Festival of the Arts Award (1983); Beenleigh City Art Award, Queensland (1984); Keith Stone Memorial Art Award, Queensland (1985); Aberdare Art Prize, Queensland (1985); Noosa Art Award, Queensland (1984); City of Toowoomba Art Awards (1985); Royal Queensland Art Society Award, Rockhampton (1987); Beenleigh Arts Festival Award, Queensland (1987); Burke Hall Art Prize, Victoria (1986, 1988 & 1991) and St. Kevins Art Prize, Victoria (1987).

  • Exhibitions

    Paintings by Kate Smith are represented in regional art galleries in Queensland at Toowoomba, Ipswich and Stanthorpe and the Brisbane City Council Gallery as well as private and corporate collections, both in Australia and overseas.

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Kate Smith

The Bird House
74 x 70 cm Framed: 110 x 102 cm Pastel on paper $6,500.00

Kate Smith

The Cloud Gatherer
64 x 97 cm Framed: 105 x 136 cm Pastel on paper $6,500.00