Judi Edwards

Judi Edwards

  • Artist’s Statement

    I began painting after leaving school teaching and have exhibited and sold paintings in many country art exhibitions in
    Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. I had a 3-man Exhibition at the Back O'Bourke Gallery in Sydney.
    I have participated in the InSudio Art Trail , Artists in Residence in the High Country Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival and held a 1-man exhibition "Off the Beaten Track" in the Basement of the Crows Nest Community Arts and Crafts Centre.

    Australia has many diverse landscapes often startling and unexpected.
    It can be a very harsh land to survive in but its beauty cannot be ignored.

  • Biography

    I am an artist and photographer and with both art forms it is all about the light.

    I find the influence of light on the landscape fascinating and try to capture that mood in my paintings and photographs, though it often lasts only a fleeting moment.

    The light is even more amazing in the early morning and at sunset with the warm glow and deep shadows.

    I like to think I can help people to see the world around them differently with my art.

    I began painting seriously after leaving school teaching and I have exhibited and sold paintings in many Art Exhibitions, Shows and Galleries.

  • Influences

    I have been influenced by Impressionist Painters and particularly Arthur Streeton and Warwick Fuller

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Judi Edwards

Carr's Lookout
60 x 30 x 4cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $325.00

Judi Edwards

Blue Hills
60 x 30 x 4cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $325.00