Jude Taggart Roberts

Jude Taggart Roberts

  • Artist’s Statement

    The Rock Story works are part of a series of ongoing drawings on paper created in situ as I travel throughout Australia.  Rocks are perceived as solid masses but they are filtering vehicles and vessels that purify, direct and hold water, ever eroding or evolving by accretion. While being immersed among the rocks the two works were created at Mirima National Park where the Miriwoong People are the Traditional Owners who gave the name to the Park meaning Place of Talking.

  • Biography

    Jude Taggart Roberts is a visual artist and facilitator of arts related projects. Her work focuses on landscapes that we cannot visibly experience, in particular the Great Artesian Basin. Through researching drawing and print media methods as well as connecting with river communities, the artist’s practice addresses issues about water, land and the finite sources of the artesian basins. The artist acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Land that is the area of her research and where the work was created. 

  • Influences

     Travelling Australia and working with communities of Western Qld have given me the opportunity to immerse myself in places often remote but allow insights into the people and Country.
    Artists who I have been most influenced by are Contemporary Land artists and the first Land artists that of Aboriginal Australia...too many to list. Traditional Chinese and Japanese Landscape Painters.  Australian writers of fiction based on  true histories  we didn't learn at school. 

  • Awards

    2015     Iain Turnbull Memorial Award 
     2013     Kedumba Drawing Award, NSW. 
     2017, 2016,  2014,  2013,  2012, 2011, 2010   Finalist Marie Ellis Drawing Prize 
     2010  Trevor Lyons Memorial Award Qld College Art 
     1997   Australia Day Award for Community Arts.

  • Exhibitions

    Most recent;
    2021     September 30 – Oct 9 Decennium; to celebrate the first decade of outstanding printmaking graduates awarded the Iain Turnbull Memorial Award, Grey Street Gallery, QCA 
     2021      October RNOP Biennale, Red Door Gallery, University Southern Qld 
    2021      June , Lethbridge Small Scale Art Prize, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane.
    2021      6 May – 30 May outLAND, Collaborative exhibition with Tarn McLean, Curated by Alexandra Lawson, ALG, Toowoomba.

    2021       5 Feb – 21 March Drawn, Curated by A. O’Rourke,  N. Wood, Redlands Gallery, Brisbane
    2020-21  9 Dec – 8 Jan
    2021 Satellites Alexandra Lawson Gallery Toowoomba

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Jude Taggart Roberts

Rock Story 1
28 x 39 cm Watercolour, gouache, ink on Hosho paper $1,600.00

Jude Taggart Roberts

Rock Story 2
28 x 39 cm Watercolour, gouache, ink on Hosho paper. $1,600.00