Jodi Bowen

Jodi Bowen

  • Artist’s Statement

    I am an Ipswich resident, currently living in Sadliers Crossing. I commenced art classes 6 years ago at Arts Alive Ipswich under the mentorship of Lorraine Kitching, further fuelling my passion for art and the Arts.

    I am an active member of Arts Connect Ipswich, and recently collaborated with fellow artists Glen Smith and Grant Quinn for the successful exhibition Curio (March 2019- Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich).

    I regularly set myself goals for improving art practice and my practice sees me work across a number of mediums, currently exploring and adding hand built ceramics to my ‘tool kit’. I believe working in three dimensional perspectives has aided my drawing and painting skills.

    I have occupied an art studio in Goleby’s Basement Ipswich since 2015 and am presently engaging builders to build a home studio. I seek to improve my skills through workshops, painting en plain air and have completed visual art subjects through Curtin University.

  • Influences

    i am influenced by that around me- people, landscape, urban life etc. Mostly fluent in acrylic although happily extend this to include other mediums. I find the subject of the work can dictate the selected medium.

    I admire many Australian artists- Quilty, Whiteley, Olsen, Boyd to name just a few. I get excited by colour sand shape so artist admiration is broad.

  • Awards

    Lethbridge 20000- June. Online Finalist.
    Ipswich Art Awards April. Finalist.

    Lethbridge 10000- June. Online Finalist.
    Ipswich Festival: Obnoxious Orange. April. Highly Commended.
    Morris Art Prize. February. Finalist.

    Lethbridge 10000. May. Gallery Finalist and Online Finalist.
    Ipswich Art Awards. May. Acquisition Prize and Artist in ResidencePrize.
    Purple Persuasion. Ipswich Festival. April. Highly Commended.

  • Exhibitions

    CURIO.Collaborative exhibition. March. Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich.

    ALL ABOUT SKY.Solo exhibition.October.Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich.
    DALI’S DREAM, Solo exhibition. May-June. Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Stanthorpe.
    RANDOM SMALL THINGS . Solo exhibition. February. Cactus Espresso Bar, Ipswich.

    HOMELAND. Solo exhibition. Cactus Espresso Bar, Ipswich.

    TWO. Collaborative exhibition. July. Ipswich Community Gallery, Ipswich.

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Jodi Bowen

Beautiful Weirdo- Oh Deer
54 x 18 x 10 cm Ceramic Sculpture, wire, tulle, lace $490.00

Jodi Bowen

Beautiful Weirdo- Bunny
50 x 13 x 8 cm Ceramic Sculpture, wire, tulle, lace, cotton $490.00

Jodi Bowen

Blue faced honey eater
33 x 18 x 18 cm Ceramic Sculpture, hand built, under glaze with high gloss finish $420.00

Jodi Bowen

You right mate?
28 x 18 x 18 cm Ceramic Sculpture, hand built, under glaze, high gloss finish $420.00