Jo Sutton

Jo Sutton

  • Artist’s Statement

    Jo Sutton is a contemporary Queensland artist with a passion for ‘zooming in’ on the the commonplace and the familiar to shine a spotlight on the beauty in the ‘everyday’. Sutton’s art encourages us all to focus on the elements that make up our rich, rural heritage and that create the very rhythm of our lives. It’s the history and the heart of the country in which we live. In ‘portrait style’ depiction, Sutton highlights the unique and the distinctive encountered in a country existence.

  • Influences

    It’s the splash of morning light across the face of a faithful mare, the slow and measured gaze of grazing cattle or the unexpected blooms; unfurling their petals in the light of the harsh, dry sun. This is her artistic endeavour – to capture on canvas the narrative of rural life that we should all celebrate and strive to protect.

  • Exhibitions

    Marymount College Art Show, 2017
    Western Downs Regional Artists' Exhibition 2018, 2017
    Bell Art Exhibition 2018
    Downlands Art Exhibition 2018

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Jo Sutton

61 x 51 x 3 cm Oil on Linen Canvas $590.00