Jeanne Cotter

Jeanne Cotter

  • Artist’s Statement

    I discovered the textures and colours of soft pastels about 16 years ago and have since devoted my creative time to learning and understanding this traditional medium. I see a painting in every scene or object and I am constantly challenged to find the lightest light and the darkest dark and I adore mixing colours and emulating textures with soft pastels. I am so inspired by the world around me and I especially love to paint scenery and landscapes.

  • Biography

    Art and design have been an integral part of my life, from my first job as a visual display artist at Myer and David Jones in Canberra and Toowoomba, to calligraphy, ticket writing and folk art. As a young mum, our family moved to the Sunshine Coast and I studied a Design and Marketing degree in the early 2000's as a mature student, and pursued a career as a graphic designer and business owner. It was during that time I discovered soft pastels and attended weekly art classes for a few years.

    I moved to Brisbane in 2014 where I continued my art training and taught weekly adult art classes and worked at Art Shed Brisbane as a sales consultant.

    In April 2021 my husband and I have relocated back to Toowoomba where two of my babies were born thirty years ago. My brother attended Downlands College in the 1980’s and my dad was the school bus driver around the same time. I’ve come full circle and I am now semi-retired with the time and space to dedicate to my lo

  • Influences

    My art is mostly influenced by nature and light and sights that take my breath away.

  • Awards

    Alexandra Awards PSA Exhibition - Third Place 2018
    Brookfield Art Show - First place 2019
    PSA Exhibition - Highly Commended 2019

  • Exhibitions

    Pastel Society of Australia Annual Exhibition 2018 - 2022
    Art West Community Gallery, Brisbane 2018 - 2022
    Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane 2018 and 2019
    Hampton Art Show 2021 & 2022
    Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2021

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Jeanne Cotter

Catching the Sun
70 x 56 x 4 cm Soft Pastel $1,200.00

Jeanne Cotter

Young Rhoda Blue I
88 x 67 x 4 cm Soft Pastel $950.00