• Artist’s Statement

    I have a love of vivid colour and a quirky sense of style. My medium of choice is acrylics for their versatility. My approach to my work is to use colour to shade and accentuate giving an unrealistic look to her images. People capture my imagination mostly and indulges in pop portraiture. Being a private person I like people to take time to get to know me and by viewing my artwork the viewer can hopefully see the personality that is me.

  • Biography

    Born in western Sydney to a working-class family with a carpenter father and factory worker mother, the arts were not included in her early childhood. Both parents were avid readers and this lead to her discovering Ken Done, Sidney Nolan and Margaret Preston through print media.

  • Influences

    Andy Warhole, Peter Max,

  • Awards

    Millmerran Show Champion 2020
    1st in Portraiture Millmerran Show 2020
    1st in Novice Millmerran Show 2020
    2nd and 3rd in Contemporary Millmerran Show 2020
    1st Portraiture Pittsworth Show 2020
    2nd Contemporary Pittsworth Show 2020
    Finalist in Stanthorpe Art Awards 2021

  • Exhibitions

    Lockyer Valley Art Show
    Sommerset Art Awards
    Bentley Art Awards
    “Summertime Exhibition” Gatton Art Gallery 2019
    Pittsworth Spring Art Exhibition 2018-2019-2020

Showing the single artwork


66 x 53 x 5 cm Acrylic on canvas shadow frame $700.00