James Lamar Peterson

James Lamar Peterson

  • Artist’s Statement

    I started my artistic career making jewellery, but I soon found out that nothing could match the life and spontaneity of the ceramic medium. I have not been able to wash the mud from my hands since. Most of my work incorporates clay birds in one form or another. I think birds are uniquely expressive and a slight twitch of the clay can produce a wholly different message.
    Recent works have been inspired by national politics, wildlife documentaries and personal observations and frustrations concerning the environment.

  • Biography

    James Lamar Peterson 1944 - 2021

    Born in Utah, USA
    1944 -1962 Travelled the world courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. I have lived in Hawaii, Bermuda,
    Iceland, England and various more or less desirable parts of the U.S.A.
    1962 - 1966 Studied Psychology and Psychoceramics at the University of Utah.
    1966 - 1971 Studied Psychology and Mind-Altering Experiences at the University of California.
    1969 Married Candida Clifford.
    1971 - 1975 Studied School Psychology and tried to keep from freezing to death in DeKalb, Illinois.
    1975 - 1981 Escaped to Perth, West Australia and taught Psychology to a lot of people.
    1980 Became an Australian citizen.
    1982 - 1983 Decided that there was more to life than teaching Psychology to people who didn't want to learn Psychology, so dropped out and began a voyage of self-discovery.
    1985 - 1990 Discovered art at Claremont Art School in Perth.
    1991 Discovered himself in Brisbane and began working full-time as an artist.

    James used his art to help many people and taught ceramics to many, notably members of the deaf community. Always a sought after artist, he brought his unique view of matters environmental and political in a wonderfully humourous and artistic way.

  • Awards

    2011 “15 Artists”, Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Qld. Selected Exhibitor.
    2006/2005 Selected Exhibitor: Gold Coast City Ceramic Awards, Qld.
    2003 Artist in Residence, National Art School, Sydney, NSW.
    Selected Exhibitor: FONAS, Sydney, NSW.
    2002 Mooloolaba Art Award - Sculpture
    Evolution Art Prize, Woollumbin Foundation, Qld.
    2001 Selected Exhibitor: Redcliffe City Craft Awards.
    1997 Acquisition of 3 major works by Redcliffe City Collection (Qld.)
    Selected Exhibitor: Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award (International)
    1997/6/5 Acquisition for Permanent Collection: The Southport School, Qld.
    1994/1 Sunshine Coast Art Group Competition: Ceramic Wall Hanging Award.
    1993 Selected Exhibitor: Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award (International)
    1993/2 Selected Exhibitor: Logan Art Award (Juried), Qld
    1992 Ipswich Art Society, Hand-Built Ceramics Award, Qld

  • Exhibitions

    2016 “Chirpy, Chirpy, Squeak, Squeak”, Art on Cairncross, Maleny, Qld.
    2013 “A Ceramic Legacy”, Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Qld.
    2011 “Creaturetivity”, Art on Cairncross, Maleny, Qld.
    2009 “Surface Tension”, University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery, Qld.
    2008 Art on Cairncross, Maleny, Qld.
    2007 “Fish & Chips”, Kinokuniya Gallery, Sydney
    2006 “Soft Targets”, Art Factory Gallery, Brisbane
    2005 “What War?, Art Factory Gallery, Brisbane
    2004 “There is Life”, Artours, Brisbane
    2003 "Welcome to Cyberaria", Brisbane City Library, Qld.
    2002 "Have You Seen This Chicken?", Fusions Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.
    2001 "Watermark", Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Qld.
    "The Futurz Market", Trevenen House Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.
    2000 "The Big Australian", Fusions Art Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.
    "Bird on a Wire", Earth Sea Gallery, Mackay, Qld.
    1999 "Time & Tide", Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, Brisbane
    "Insekts", University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Qld.
    1998 "Birds, Beasts & Boats", Austhetica, Sydney, NSW.
    1997 "Techno- Nation", Redcliffe Regional Art Gallery, Qld.
    "Dogs", Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.
    1996 "Not a Painting in Sight", Tony Gill Galleries, Montville, Qld.
    "Aqueous Art Festival", Noosa Regional Gallery, Qld.
    1995 "Ship of Fools & Other Dreamers", Vision Arts Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.
    1994 "Mixed Feelings", Warwick Art Gallery, Qld.
    1992 "State of the Portrait", Arts Council of Australia, Brisbane, Qld.

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James Lamar Peterson

The Dark Chook
25 x 15 x 12 cm Ceramic $165.00

James Lamar Peterson

Real Red Rooster
30 x 24 x 24 cm Ceramic and glaze Sold

James Lamar Peterson

Baby Chicken Charlie
16 x 10 x 10 cm Ceramic $75.00

James Lamar Peterson

Baby Chicken Charmaine
12 x 15 x 10 cm Ceramic $75.00