• Artist’s Statement

    I embarked upon my artistic life some time ago, I use tuition and experimentation to portray a diversity in subjects and mediums.
    I sees colour, shape and energy through new eyes as I develop, my Style is ever developing.
    I love the solitude of my own studio, as well as social interaction with fellow artists.
    I am an exhibiting member of AWCG Brisbane Qld, Toowoomba Art Society- prior to move to Toowoomba I was a member of Dayboro Art Gallery. I work

  • Biography

    Jacqui Cousins.

    My Art materialises in my studio in Toowoomba, QLD.
    I have dabbled in Art all my life pursing a dream
    to present my interpretation of many & varied subjects.
    Painting with a mixture of mediums, technique & colours
    onto a surface transforms my thoughts into art pieces.
    Professional tuition & self-education have created an opportunity
    to exhibit my work to appreciative Gallery audiences.
    Through dedication to my art career, I trust my creations to grace many art spaces.

  • Influences

    My subjects chosen for their energy and intensity.
    Colour study makes me aware of effects of hues and tones.
    Connection with artists - researching ideas, techniques.
    Influences of my art on society.

Showing the single artwork


Trees are Life
51 x 122 x 7 cm HARD PASTEL - PERSPEX STAND AWAY FRAME $695.00