Isaya Sikwatta

Isaya Sikwatta

  • Artist’s Statement

    My work is varied but equally connected in style and theme.
    My themes are of the human condition, I lean towards the expressionistic school and my work though routed in my true state my daughter has termed them abstracts.
    In this exhibition there is arts of a same style, perhaps a reflection of the curators eye. Though both landscapes one is open while another is on claves.
    Colours are plentiful in my work a sort of reference to my African eyes.

  • Biography

    I was born in bungoma in kisuluni village.
    The  4th in a family of 12 I moved to Australia for love and ultimately family where I have lived since.
    I am the classic artist, first music, 3 albums under my coat, writer with two books under my arm pits, a plaintext of repute and off late a film maker.
    I don’t remember a point where I was not an artist.

  • Influences

    I have enjoyed most classics both in literature of print or spoken or music.
    Most recently I have found energy in the work s of Picasso 

  • Awards

    My awards have so far been restricted to silent nods on the streets from those who dig my art, and my two daughters who insist am the world’s most untalented dad.

  • Exhibitions

    I have  never exhibited outside my gallery of my context.

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Isaya Sikwatta

Gardeners view of the new Toowoomba bypass
94 x 123 x 2cm Acrylic on Wood $5,000.00

Isaya Sikwatta

Alley valley
120 x 65 x 5cm Acrylic on Wood $5,000.00