Isaya Sikwatta

Isaya Sikwatta

  • Artist’s Statement

    This body of work comprises of pieces which reflect the nature of the time in which they were created. In size they are small, because I live in a bus and was on the move a lot and needed the space.
    The medium is casual with lots of pencil work and drawing, the kind of work that evolves in a backseat.
    I like the idea of coloured used frames, and I have used them in framing the pieces. It references a different time.
    I have argued with myself  if this works should be taken for their immediacy often done to fill time without prior thought…or their content, subjectively and objectively .
    This is not to state that the subjects in this pieces are fickle, instead I believe the nature of the subject renders any attempt at it justified.
    I like them, it’s easy to get close to them, I think it’s something to do with the size.
    This little cluster will occupy a small corner but span a whole cannon of  style, theme and aspect.

  • Biography

    Am a bukusu by clan and omuala omukoyabe by tribe, which is also my father’s tribe, lineages being paternal in those parts of western Kenya. My mothers tribe is babichu and they were one of a wider group that shared the title baliche’ among the most mythical and fearless sorcererers, their women were feared in the knowledge and control of phenomena.
    Lots of colour, sound, dance, word -oral and later written  and craft went into all the ceremonies I attended on both my parents side. And in every day life then.I still carry that and it’s in all my work, in all mediums. I moved continents in 2010, I have used art to keep my memories of places and people or even feelings alive while at the same time using art to weave my past -which is my present i away because culturally am never older or younger. I have used art to sew my self together.

  • Influences

    My mothers tribal influences 
    My father’s tribal influences 
    My interaction with art in all its forms formally and informally.
    Every day comments about my work from every day people and my children.
    My biggest influence in the natural world.

  • Awards

    My awards have so far been restricted to silent nods on the streets from those who dig my art, and my two daughters who insist am the world’s most untalented dad.

  • Exhibitions

    Australian cultural library 
    Hampton festival 

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Isaya Sikwatta

30 x 20 x 1 cm Framed: 40 x 35 x 5cm Biro on paper in a blue wooden frame $500.00

Isaya Sikwatta

Moonlight in a storm
40 x 30 x 1 cm Framed: 45 x 35 x 5cm Face paint on paper and biro in a white mundane frame $400.00

Isaya Sikwatta

Move along
95 x 80 x 4 cm Framed: 100 x 85 x 6cm Outdoor paint on old notice board $1,000.00

Isaya Sikwatta

Rainbow dream
50 x 75 x 4 cm Framed: 52 x 77 x 4cm Acrylic on cork $500.00