Irena Annandale-James

Irena Annandale-James

  • Artist’s Statement

    Presently,  my art medium of choice is acrylics, although I have used graphite,  pastels, coloured pencils and charcoals. I particularly enjoy painting portraits, seascapes, flora and fauna, using some artistic licence in my paintings and attempt to bring out the warmth, emotion and a little bit of that “attitude”, in my subject matter. 

    Photography has also been a love of mine and I am always on the lookout for that special photo opportunity, that I can capture with my IQZoom160, and share.

  • Biography

    Irena Annandale-James is a Polish-Australian, who resided
    22 yrs in Colorado, USA, becoming an American citizen, and while there, gained  an Associates Degree (High Honours) in Graphic Design and
     Pre-Press. Irena rekindled her love of art when she returned to Australia, where she attended numerous courses with well known artists.
    Vibrant colours have always warmed her soul and she endeavours to bring that warmth into her paintings. Many of her artworks have received highly commended awards.
    She has worked with graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels, mostly for portraiture, but recently acrylics have become her medium of choice. She has branched out to include seascapes and the beauty of birds and flora, which she endeavours to capture in her paintings, applying some "artistic licence".
    Irena  also has a keen love of photography, and she is always on the lookout to capture that certain scene.

    Irena's sold artworks hold pride of place in homes in Australia and the USA.

  • Influences

    I have  been influenced mainly  by artists such as: 

    Paul Gauguin, for his portraits, Georgia O'Keeffe, for her vibrant colours and wonderful painterly style, and Wendy Sharpe, for her painting style and her colours.

    Colour, especially the vibrant colours. really appeal. Nature has given us such a magnificent colour palette, which I attempt to capture in my paintings, using some artistic licence.

    In photography, I admire  the style of  Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, and Anne Geddes.


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Irena Annandale-James

Winter Road
58 x 73 x 3cm Photography $422.00

Irena Annandale-James

Penitente Morada
43 x 53 x 3cm Photography - Framed $395.00