Grant Quinn

Grant Quinn

  • Artist’s Statement

    As a photographer, I am inspired by the power that photographs hold. I take pleasure in knowing my images invite you to be immersed in what I felt at a particular moment in time. Photography, being the true form of social documentation, is crucial in providing viewers with meaning of the cultures in which we live.
    Grant invites the viewer to be immersed in what he felt at a particular moment, with the ability to capture the real world. Inspired by architectural, documentary style photography, and our amazing landscape, Grant approaches photography without expectation. Grant finds layers and textures very important, and with the ability for an image to tell a story, those textural layers create conversations.

  • Biography

    Although not formally trained in the art of photography, I have always had a love and appreciation for the arts. I believe that this passion has given me the knowledge, the ability and the desire to create beautiful and professional artwork.

    Professional Affiliations
    - Committee Member, “Fused” Ipswich Arts Festival
    - Member, ArtsConnect Ipswich Inc
    2019 – Introduction to DSLR (Nikon), Certificate of Achievement

  • Influences

    Max Dupain
    Olive Cotton

  • Awards

    Grant has received many local awards as well as being selected as Gallery Finalist for Lethbridge, Stanthorpe and QRAA.
    Awards & Highlights to date:
    • Highly Commended 2022 Ipswich Art Awards (Photography)
    • Winne and Champion Local Print 2022 Ipswich Show (Photography)
    • Highly Commended 2022 Lockyer Valley – Foothills Art Festival (Photography)
    • Winner 2021 Ipswich Art Awards (Photography)
    • Winner 2021 Jimboomba Quota Arts Festival (Photography)
    • Winner 2017 2018 2021 Boonah Arts Festival (Photography)
    • Runner Up 2019 2020 Boonah Arts Festival (Photography)
    • Winner 2020 2021 Black Snake Arts Festival (Photography)
    • Finalist 2021 Stanthorpe Photography Prize
    • Finalist 2019 2020 2021 2022 Lethbridge Gallery 20000 Small Scale Art Prize
    • Finalist 2021 Milburn Landscape Art Prize (BIA)
    • Finalist 2021 2022 Lethbridge Landscape Art Prize
    • Touring Finalist 2019 2020 2021 Qld Regional Art Awards – Flying Arts Alliance

  • Exhibitions

    2019 – “Curio” , ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2019 – “Ipswich Garden” ArtsAlive Gallery Ipswich
    2018 - “Black and White Challenge”, ArtsAlive Gallery, Ipswich
    2018 – “GG does PP”, Duo Exhibition, ArtTime Gallery Ipswich
    2018 – ‘St Sebastian Art and Design” Yeerongpilly – Invited Artist
    2018 - “Obnoxious Orange”. ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2017 - “Gifted”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2017 - “Off The Wall”, Ipswich Community Gallery
    2017 - “Art of Café”, Cactus Café Gallery, Ipswich
    2017 - “On Paper”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2017 - “Purple Persuasion”, ArtTime Gallery
    2016 - “Off the Wall”, Ipswich Community Gallery
    2016 - “Gifted”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2016 - “Barista”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2016 - “Into the Blue”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2015 – “Barista”, ArtTime Gallery, Ipswich
    2014 – “Infused”, Swich Art Gallery, Ipswich

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Grant Quinn

What's Behind Window Number 4
85 x 110 x 4 cm Digital Photograph $395.00

Grant Quinn

What Lies Beneath
64 x 100 x 4 cm Digital Photograph $395.00

Grant Quinn

Moogerah At Dusk
30 x 55 x 4 cm Digital Photograph Sold