Glen Smith

Glen Smith

  • Artist’s Statement

    Items of beauty and nostalgia are the inspirations for Glens artwork. His artwork hardly ever takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. He believes there is enough media spreading the news of war, hate and pain without him adding to it. Glen looks for the beauty in the world and uses painting as a means of escapism for both himself and the viewer. He generally engages subjects that adorn his kitchen and dining room.

  • Biography

    I'm currant President of ArtsConnect Ipswich Inc. I have achieved several awards from Ipswich City Council including the Cultural Award for 2018 and the 2021 Ipswich Citizen of the Year. I have received many awards including finalist in the Moreton Bay and Morris Art Awards. In 2017 I the Ipswich Art Awards and have also won awards at Boonah Arts Festival, Lockyer Valley Art Awards to name a few. I have exhibited, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane.

  • Influences

    The influences for my art is the works of Margaret Olly and the traditional still life works of the masters. My love of collecting and antiques heavily influences my subject matter for my paintings.

  • Awards

    2019 Lions Art Extravaganza, Garden City – Highly Commended Mix Media
    2019 Lockyer Valley Foothills Art Show – First Prize – Acrylic/Oil Painting and Mix Media
    2018 Scenic Rim Art Show – First Prize – Acrylic Painting / People’s Choice award
    2018 Ipswich Art Festival- “Faces” Portraiture Comp – Highly Commended
    2018 Selected artist for Downlands Art Exhibition, Toowoomba
    2018 Lockyer Valley Foothills Art Show - People’s Choice Award / Highly Commended
    2018 Ipswich Show - Champion painting
    2018 Marburg Show - Champion painting
    2018 “Obnoxious Orange” Ipswich festival - Winner
    2018 The Morris Art Prize (Gold Coast) - Finalist
    2017 Ipswich Art Awards – First Prize Painting.
    2017 Ipswich Festival - Insitu – People’s Choice Award
    2017 St Sebastian’s Art and Design Exhibition, Brisbane – People’s Choice Award
    2016 Scenic Rim Arts festival – 2nd prize – Mix Medium
    2016 Ipswich Metre Box Competition – 2 images chosen and winner People’s Choice Award
    2015 Scenic Rim Arts Festival – First prize Acrylic, Highly Commended, Mix Medium
    2015 Black Snake Gully Festival Art Competition – First prize, Portraiture.
    2015 “A Little Abstract” Cactus Gallery, Ipswich - People’s Choice Award
    2014 Scenic Rim Arts festival – First prize – Open Mix Medium/painting
    2014 Scenic Rim Arts festival – Second prize – Acrylic/painting
    2014 Black Snake Gully Festival – Second prize – Environment/painting
    2014 Open Door Gallery, Lowood Art Competition – Second Prize, Painting
    2013 Moreton Bay Art Competition, Pine Rivers Gallery – Finalist

  • Exhibitions

    2018 “Colours of Australia” Cactus Café Gallery, Ipswich
    2015 “It’s All About Me”, Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich
    2019 – Lion’s Art Extravaganza – Garden City, Brisbane. “Lockery Valley Foothills Art Show” – “Wander Last”, Drawing Point Gallery – “Curio”, Drawing Point Gallery. “Prints Charmimg”, ArtsAlive Gallery, East Ipswich, “Ipswich Garden”, ArtsAlive Gallery
    2018 - “ Downlands Art Exhibition”, Toowoomba “Theca Art Show”, Chapel Hill, Brisbane. - “Black Snake Creek Festival Art Exhibition” Marburg. Invited Artist. – “St Sebastian’s Art and Design Show” Yeerongpilly, Brisbane - “GG Does PP” – Duo exhibition at Drawing Point Gallery - “Black and White Challenge” ArtsAlive, Ipswich Festival, - “Obnoxious Orange” Drawing Point Gallery Ipswich,
    2017 - “Gifted” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. “Off The Wall” Ipswich Community Gallery. “Seniors Week Art Exhibition” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich, “Art of Café”, Cactus Gallery, Ipswich. “Ipswich on a Pallet” ArtsAlive Gallery, Ipswich. “On Paper” Drawing Point Gallery Ipswich. “Purple Persuasion” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich
    2016 - “Off the Wall” Ipswich Community Gallery. “Black and a Touch of..” Boonah Community Art Gallery. “Gifted” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. ”Pop Up Gallery” Ipswich Food Festival. “Volcanic Colours” Boonah Community Art Gallery. “Petite Pieces” (curated) Aspire Gallery, Paddington. “Handful of Ipswich Artists” curated, Regional Arts House (Artslink Queensland). “People – Places” (curated by Ipswich Art Gallery), Ipswich Community Gallery.
    2015 “Volcanic Colours” Lockyer Valley Art Gallery. “Gifted” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. “Trash to Treasure” (curated by Ipswich Art Gallery) Ipswich Community Gallery. “Barista” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. “A Little Abstract” Cactus Gallery, Ipswich.
    2014 “Augmenting Aqua”, ArtTime Supplies, Ipswich. ”Yeronga Art Show”, St Sebastian’s, Yeronga. “Barista” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich.
    2013 “Ipswich Art Society Art exhibition” Old Courthouse Gallery, “Home Grown” curated by Ipswich Art Gallery. Ipswich Community Art Gallery. “Captured.. Images by 2 Blokes” The Pepperina Gallery, Nobby. “Stimulate your Senses”, Ipswich Community Gallery. “The End is Nigh”, Curated Art Exhibition by Swich Gallery, Ipswich. “Little Red”, Drawing Point Gallery. “Coo-EEE” Art & Design Precinct Gallery, West End.
    2012 “The Image Makers” Royal Queensland Art Society Gallery, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. “Stimulate your Senses”, Ipswich Community Gallery. “Curious Colours” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. “Going Green” Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich. “Infused 2” curated Art Exhibition by Swich Gallery, Ipswich.
    2011 “Stimulate your Senses”, Ipswich Community Gallery, Ipswich. “High Voltage” The Swich Gallery, Ipswich. “Just Nudes” The Old Courthouse Gallery, Ipswich. “Resistance is Futile” curated art exhibition by Swich Gallery, Ipswich. “One” curated art exhibition by Swich Gallery, Ipswich. “Size Matters” curated art exhibition by Swich Gallery.

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Glen Smith

The Writer
60 x 50 x 3cm Acrylic on Board $275.00

Glen Smith

Still Life
56 x 46 x 3cm Acrylic on Board $225.00