Frederick Beel

Frederick Beel

  • Artist’s Statement

    I am an older emerging artist who is able to come up with a range of original ideas, theories
    and fascinations through various artistic mediums. Capable of communicating with clients
    regarding specifications for customised art pieces. My preferred materials are metal, concrete,
    wood, glass and found objects. Traditionally my work is usually quite contemporary with
    leanings toward the kinetic. I have completed several major public art pieces, held exhibitions,
    ran workshops and sold work to corporations and private collectors, as well as winning awards
    for 3D work.

  • Biography

    I am a semi-retired fitter machinist, toolmaker, welder type person who has always been highly creative and inventive. My experience and skills allow me to work with many different materials, especially metal. This foundation coupled with my imagination has meant I have been successful in securing several large public art works and numerous awards.
    For 6 years I was the Chairperson for the Hedland Arts Council (HArtz) in WA, currently I am on the committee for Sculptures Qld and until recently I was the Vice President for the Beaudesert and District Arts Group.
    I have work in PNG and Indonesia for over 14 years and a further 11 years in Pilbara of WA. I have always had a fascination with primitive cultures and their art. As the Chairperson for HArtz I've worked closely with the local indigenous artist, mainly the Martumilli and Spinifex hill mobs.
    I have been mentored by the fabulous Jon Tarry, participated in workshops with Mathew Hardy and Vlase Nikoleski and I am eager for more training and knowledge.

  • Influences

    Klippel, Giacometti, Calder

  • Awards

    Winner best 3D Hedland Art Awards 2008, “Tidal River”
    Winner best 3D Hedland Art Awards 2006, “Turner River Woman”
    Exhibition “Fishy Fishy” Port Hedland Gallery, conducted by FORM, WA
    Exhibition piece at “North Shore”, Hamilton Qld 2020
    Exhibition piece at “Sirromet winery” Mt Cotton Qld 2020/2021
    Winner of the Brisbane Sculpture Festival, best outdoor sculpture piece, 2021
    Selected for “SWELL. Currumbin Qld, 2021

  • Exhibitions

    Public Art
    “Jirrawinny” a major park piece in South Hedland commissioned by Landcorp, WA.
    “3 Palms” a memorial for the Hedland Council, WA
    “Tear Drop” a workshop piece supported by FORM, WA
    BHPIO entrance statement, “Oresome” designed by myself and mentored by Jon Tarry, WA
    Entrance statement at Newman “Sedimentary Layering” commissioned by EPCAD, WA

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Frederick Beel

The Seed we Need
1800 x 250 x 300cm Stainless steel and glass $1,100.00