Fiona Quinn

Fiona Quinn

  • Artist’s Statement

    I hope to create art work that connects on a deep level with the observer.
    Painting all forms of life fulfils an emerging passion.

  • Biography

    Fiona grew up in an artistic household. Her father being a well respected sculptor in NSW and overseas. Her mother a milliner.
    Over the yeard Fiona has explored many mediums to express her creative spirit. Pottery, polymer clay, performing arts.
    Taking up painting later in life has been a blessing.

  • Influences

    I love browsing the internet and galleries for inspiration.
    After having a few lessons with a local artist I discovered a love for painting.
    I am basically a self taught artist that relies on intuition and the occassional downloaded tutorial to help me with techniques.

Showing the single artwork

Fiona Quinn

Sea dreaming
41 x 30 x 2 cm Framed: 43 x 32.5 x 4.5cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS Sold