Febe Zylstra

Febe Zylstra

  • Artist’s Statement

    Highly symbolic, Febe’s practice flits between figurative, abstract and landscape. She is best known for her figures with recurring motifs such as birds (totems), animals, dolls, balloons and masks. Shapes, scribbles and written words often appear from within the textured layers of her work, sometimes visible sometimes painted over.

    Febe utilises a wide variety of materials to achieve her mixed media pieces, using combinations of oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, bitumen and collaged materials. Febe allows the work itself to dictate how each art piece takes shape, each one an exploration in colour, layering, materials and narrative. The message behind Febe’s art has always trumped the medium. Whether it is through a painting or drawing, she enjoys the viewer finding a personal connection with her art either emotionally or within their own life’s journey.

    Febe is represented in by Feather & Lawry Gallery in Toowoomba where she has more work currently hanging.

  • Biography

    Febe began her career as a registered nurse. Her passion and need for art grew after the birth of her daughter in the late 1990s and treatment for post-natal depression and anxiety and subsequent diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder. She began painting as a way of quieting the noise in her head and as an emotional outlet, but soon discovered her instinctive and organic style held wider appeal.

    Her mental health experience became a life changing catalyst and she left a successful nursing career to follow a quest for artistic knowledge and expression which resulted in the completion of a Diploma of Visual Arts. Creating art is a significant part of her recovery and a continued daily practice providing an outlet to express her emotions.

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Febe Zylstra

Hey True Blue
104 x 155cm Oil & Bitumen on Canvas $3,800.00

Febe Zylstra

Perfect Sundays
101 x 101cm Mixed Media on Canvas $4,200.00

Febe Zylstra

90 x 120cm Mixed Media on Canvas $2,800.00

Febe Zylstra

Hope Into the Light
75 x 75cm mixed media $1,295.00