Evan Hollis

Evan Hollis

  • Artist’s Statement

    Linocut relief prints ->
    "Capertee" / "Tales of the City" - Print as Document - > Images inspired from sole travel on various motor cycles...

    "Moorin Gandan" ->
    The name Meringandan is a corruption of the aboriginal words, Moorin meaning fire and Gandan meaning clay. Therefore, Meringandan means 'place of fire and clay'.
    Meringandan is my safe place. I stood in the cemetery and took this photograph a couple of years ago. I tried to print it out on my work’s very posh wide format printer, but one of the three black ink nozzles was recalcitrant. The ensuing band of sunset gold under the rain bow had so much contrast it looked like some kind of alien scar… so I altered it. I used some of my printmaking techniques in a unique fashion. I reclaimed it.
    But it had unsettled me.
    My safe place does not fully isolate me from the heady progress of fate beyond my hamlet. The further I retreat into it, the more I am aware of the fragility of the status quo outside this nook of time and space. The history of the place comes back to me in its very name. Countless generations passed through here in search of materials from which to forge cooking utensils for the Bora ring camp over at Gummingurru.
    I recall hearing that Highfields had broken the continuous tree-line corridor that runs the length of the Great divide. Sounds about right… it got me thinking.
    Fragility of human condition
    Fragility of cemetery ground
    Fragility of culture
    Fragility of artistic media
    Fragility of intentions
    Fragility of ecosystems
    Fragility of perceptions

    I mended my failed digital image. This brought me some comfort. Creation normally does.
    It is a pretty fragile thing though… I could, so easily, have screwed it up.
    At least my temporary satisfaction made me smile. So, I framed it and brought it here in response to David’s gracious invitation. Handy as the ceramic vessel I initially made was far too fragile to be exhibited…

    My response to fragility is ironic

  • Biography

    Curatorial Experience:
    2006-2022 Downlands Art Exhibition Curator
    (Committee member and logistical facilitator since 1999)
    1999-2021 Downlands College Art Collection
    2014-2016 MET Galleries Toowoomba / collective member - Curator
    2012 Toowoomba Art Society – Carnival of flowers Double Gallery Exhibit.
    2009 Kath Dickson Art Space - Downlands Staff Show – “Contextual”
    2008 Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges USQ – Fine art Auction
    2008 Kath Dickson Exhibition space Senior Student

  • Influences

    Durer, Jules Verne, the Romantics, Impressionism and more

  • Awards

    2016, 2017 - Finalist "Lethbridge 10 000"
    2021 Finalist - "Lethbridge 20 000 Landscape Prize"

  • Exhibitions

    Selected Solo Exhibitions:
    2012 More Views from the Saddle Oxygene Cafe
    2011 Stanthorpe RAG - “Views from the Saddle”
    1997 Mary Ryan Bookshop Prints as Document
    1996 Ric’s Cafe Brisbane Symbolic Transfer Lithography
    1996 Emotive Intent Metro Galleries Brisbane Various Printed Media/ Artist’sBooks
    1995 Collage USQ Foyer Gallery *Mixed Media
    1995 CounterAID Signal Gallery Brisbane with QuAC *Installation/ Prints
    1992 Insight Sweet Plutonium Revolution Gallery Toowoomba

    Selected Group Exhibitions:
    2021 Lethbridge Landscape Prize Finalist Exhibition
    1999-2021 Downlands College Toowoomba
    2017 Disco Raygun Lab Toowoomba - Curated by G. Dewar and D. Usher
    2017 Erotica Adultshop premises Toowoomba
    2014-2016 MET Galleries Toowoomba + "pop up" galleries
    2014 The Grid Hybrid artspace - Toowoomba
    2012 Finalist – Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery Paddington
    2012 The Story Bridge Show – Robyn Bauer Gallery
    2011 Mars artspace - Toowoomba
    2010 Showcase 10 – Toowoomba Home show Exposition
    2009 Kath Dickson Art Space - Downlands Staff Show – “Contextual”
    2010 Showcase 10 – Toowoomba Home Show Exhibition
    2008 USQ Indigenous Artists Collaboration
    2000 Cabarlah Army Barracks USQ
    1998 Crow’s Nest Regional Art Gallery with Faye Honey *Painting/Etching
    1997 Inaugural Exhibition Artists’ Gallery
    1997 the River Waggamba Shire Council
    1996 Dutch Auction White Box/ Quac Bris.
    1996 No Absolute Art m@trix Toowoomba.
    1996 Downlands College Toowoomba
    1995 Graduart USQ TRAG Toowoomba
    1995 Curators Choice USQ Foyer Gallery
    1995 Type Cast bARTleme Gallery Brisbane
    1994 Fresh bARTleme Gallery Brisbane
    1993 Convolode USQ / Downs Art Gallery
    1991 First Show Sweet Plutonium Revolution

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Evan Hollis

Tales of the City
16 x 25 x 1cm Linocut and Caustic etch relief print on Acid free paper $320.00

Evan Hollis

Capertee (Framed - Non reflective /UV glass)
40 x 36 x 3cm Linocut relief print $700.00

Evan Hollis

38 x 55 x 4cm Framed: 57 x 77 x 4cm Scarified Digital Image on 250 GSM Semi-gloss $795.00

Evan Hollis

Légende de carte pour derrière
40 x 50 x 170cm impression numérique sur une toile sur le petit divan $750.00

Evan Hollis

Capertee (Un-Framed)
40 x 36 x 3cm Linocut relief print $350.00